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How to choose a purposeful life... with Samuel Hershberger

This week I'm exploring purpose with Sam Hershberger. Sam is a life coach who works with entrepreneurs, coaches, and engineers and helps them create extraordinary lives.

Sam believes that living with purpose is a choice we can all make.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Choosing the experiences which feed the mechanism - just like feeding your body with good food is more likely to create great health, Sam was speaking about feeding your mind with things that are more likely to trigger the kind of thoughts that will create a great, happy experience of life.
  • If you were going to die tomorrow, is this what you'd do today? When the thought of death scares us it's often because we're doing things that we don't want to be doing with our life. When we live each day and each experience in a way in a purposeful way then we're present with our own mortality. We're aware that each day could be our last and we're OK with that.
  • Using higher consciousness! When we notice we have clarity, it's a great time in which we can make the choices that will serve us in times of lower consciousness.
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