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Why a scary diagnosis doesn't need to be scary... with Molly Gordon

So what happened on last week's show? It was a much-talked about show the wonderful Barb Patterson about true self versus self image. we got into an interesting conversation about personality tests and profiles. If you missed that then you missed out so subscribe to the show and catch up with that episode after this show!

And this week I'm talking to the magnificent Molly Gordon has been searching for the meaning of life for as long as she can remember.

Molly's been a professional coach for a couple of decades and has trained and practised in many disciplines including Byron Katie's The Work and Jungian psychology, She now coaches from a three principles understanding.

This summer, Molly was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy followed by radiation therapy. She is passionate about sharing with others how even modest insights into the Three Principles have enabled her to find grace and freedom in the midst of what many find to be a scary diagnosis.

 So today we're going to be talking about why a scary diagnosis doesn't have to be a scary diagnosis.

What you'll learn in this show:

  • However scary things feel, we're always sitting safely in the 'cinema seat' and simply watching the scary movie of our thoughts. I love Molly's description of that!
  • We will all be living this life, moment to moment, doing something until we die. We will all die of something. Does it matter what it is?  Isn't life really about how we live?
  • We don't have the ability to flick through a book of perspectives and pick the one that looks best... but every human being has the innate ability to have a perspective change. Our consciousness rises and then we will notice that more perspectives available to us.
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