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What you missed last week:
It was a wonderful conversation with Molly Gordon about why a scary diagnosis doesn't have to be a scary diagnosis. If you missed that then you missed out so subscribe to the show and catch up with that episode after this show!

And on this week's show... I'm speaking to Reed Smith.Reed is the cofounder of Gulf Breeze Recovery, a non-12 step recovery center that uses the 3 Principles as the core of their program. He serves as the Director of Admissions and class facilitator.

Today we're going to be talking about the myth of complexity of recovery: why it doesn't have to be a life-long struggle and why addiction is not a disease... and why we ALL have access to mental health.

What you'll learn in this show:

  • Reed used a metaphor (and actual prop - see pic below!) of a mirror to demonstrate how we can have a denial of the 'isness' of the situation which is like trying to remove a blemish from our face by wiping a mirror. When we accept or allow the reality that's unfolding - that what we see is only a reflection of what's going on in our thoughts - we recognise that it makes no sense to look to try to fix or change the outside world to remedy how we're feeling.
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  • And in another of Reed's fabulous metaphors is around consciousness, and he used a flashlight to explain this (LOVE these props, I might start insisting all guests bring one!)The light is Consciousness, that which makes us aware of what's happening. When the flashlight is pointing above our heads at our thoughts, it's illuminating only our thoughts, which is what we're experiencing moment to moment, even though we're unaware that it's what's actually happening. When we have wonderful moments of connection with others or nature, it's like the flashlight that was only illuminating our thinking, moves to shine out to illuminate the world, and then our personal thinking grows dim and we become more aware of our connection to something bigger and greater than us.
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  • Reed's faves... The person that's most inspired Reed is also the author of the book that's most changed Reed, and it's James Allen, the author of 'As a man thinketh'.


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