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This week's show is with the wonderful Bill Cumming. Bill is a thirty-year coaching veteran and Director of The Boothby Institute. He has been a coach, consultant and trainer to CEOs and the executive teams of health care delivery organizations, businesses, school systems and non-profit organizations. He is a key partner in the New Horizons Academy.

This is the second time Bill's been on this show, the last episode we did together is one of our most popular shows and with good reason - it's incredible. It blew me away. On this episode, yet again he was absolutely amazing.

Today we're talking about whether it's possible to create a world which works for everyone and how we can move past the bigotry that's getting in the way of that right now.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Do we want to pass on a safer, more loving and kind world? First we need to have a commitment to making a world that works for everyone.
  • We need to destroy the myths that are getting in the way of that. For example recognising that other people want the same things that we do.
  • Take care of yourself - realise you're a miracle, living in a miracle. You can't change, empower or motivate anyone so focus on yourself.
  • Pick something that you want to be involved with. Pick one thing, decide what you're going do about that. You've got a clean slate, you can use that to choose to do whatever you want in the next moment.
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