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And this week's show is with Craig Richardson. This is the second time Craig has been on the show, the first episode we did is here and it's about parenting. Craig joins many today who are engaged in asking the question, "What does it mean to be fully and authentically human?" As an advocate of the human rewilding movement he is interested in applying this question to all areas of life, including parenting, nutrition, education, lifestyle, and spirituality. He works both professionally and informally to help individuals to move towards authentic humanity and break free from the domestication model. He and his wife have unschooled their son since birth, and as a family they are interested in camping, hiking, natural family living, fire spinning, organic cooking, ancestral skills, and being as Earth-friendly as possible.

In this show we explored what 'rewilding' is, why we'd want to rewild and how we can go about moving in that direction!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Craig describes rewilding as 'The set of practices, skills, and philosophies which enable modern humans to reclaim the approach to self, community, and ecology that was once held by our pre-agricultural ancestors.'
  • The 4 major shifts of the Neolithic Revolution that led to our domestication: Occupational, Social, Environmental, Spiritual.
  • Connecting with the natural world - seeking out green spaces, connecting with groups in your area who are interested in nature, and experimenting with fermentation.
  • How we've become specialists instead of generalists and why this has made us fragile.
  • Why our understanding and connection with spirituality doesn't have to be about something outside of ourselves or up there in the sky.
  • Understanding why connection to others in a community is so vital and how we can create it in this modern world.
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