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This week's show is with Eva Church Robinson. Eva was introduced to The Three Principles in 1994, at that point she was 2 years clean and sober after 16 years of being almost constantly homeless and suffering with severe substance abuse related problems.

In Eva's own words: "I was working at the same treatment program that I had spent 6 months at previously. I was going to school for Counseling,  in my own apartment and my husband and son and I were trying to reconcile. At the same time though I was NOT happy. I didn't have any peace of mind. I knew that I never wanted to go back to where I came from (using alcohol and drugs). Yet at the same time,  If what I was experiencing was what life was all about,  I didn't want it either. Then one day at work, Roger Mills and Kristen Manchiem introduced the staff to The Three Principles. I left that day and I truly knew that I had found hope. That was the beginning of of my 1000% life transformation. And my real beginning of being of service to others and myself as well as my Son and Husband."
In this show Eva shares her story of starting life growing up in an alcoholic household and then going onto to experience teenage pregnancy, bereavement, serious drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness. And how she overcame all of those struggles and now lives an amazing life helping others who are dealing with some of the issues that she once did.
It's such an incredible and inspiring story that has lessons for all of us.
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