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This week's show is with Emily Nature helps smart, successful career women to have fun in dating and relationships. Whether you want to get into partnerships with ease, get through rough patches with grace, or get out of heartbreak with freedom, Emily is your gal. Under Emily‚Äôs guidance, hundreds of women in the US, UK, Europe and Australia have found delicious relationships with themselves, with their bodies and with men. When Emily is not coaching, she can be found writing, dancing wildly, stalking squirrels, or contemplating on mountain tops.

Emily and I talked about her experience of exploring past her boundaries and testing her edges in a relationship... and finding out what she does and doesn't want. In Emily's case the boundary was around her boyfriend's desire to experience a polyamorous relationship (ie wanting to experience sexual intimacy with more than one person) and then ultimately discovering that what she really wants is what she calls 'unconventional monogamy', however this topic of exploring our boundaries can apply to almost all of us.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Providing the space for yourself and your partner to explore and articulate your thoughts emotions means that you can more fully experience and benefit from what you're both feeling. That's not always easy to do and personally I found Emily's description of how she and her boyfriend did that was very inspiring.
  • Not knowing who you really are, what you want or don't want is a powerful place to be. When we lessen our grip on our stories about how we think we should be, so much freedom and exploration can come from that place.
  • Understanding that we're always 'OK', that we always have inner wellbeing and happiness, allows us to feel safer when we're exploring past our edges.
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