The Primal Happiness Show

This show is with Pam Grout is a world traveler, a loving mother, a best-selling author, a millionaire and an inspiring witness to everyone she meets.

Actually, only four of those are true so far, but that line is an affirmation she started using 20 years ago before she’d ever had a child, before she became a travel writer, or an author and, for that matter, before she even liked herself all that much. Evidently affirmations work, because now she can proudly say all but one of the above are true. I’ll let you guess which one is yet to manifest.

Pam's a prolific writer of articles and books - she has 15 published books so far (including the incredible e-squared and e-cubed, both of which I adored) and articles for dozens of publications.

In this show we spoke about how even those of us living in this crazy modern world can reclaim and retain our connection to primal energies, intuition, and pure presence.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Reconnecting to the 'divine buzz' (which is what Pam sometimes call the divine energy source) is a very easy, natural thing to do - understanding this and believing this is a powerful hypothesis to start with!
  • Test the hypothesis: try doing the first experiment. Give the divine buzz 48 hours to provide you with a sign. Pam says that the more open we are to this energy the bigger and more mind-blowing the sign can be!
  • If we're looking for a story that life is hard then we'll 'download' that reality and act it out. What Pam is talking is about is taking baby steps to opening us up to allowing first generation reality to wash over us.
  • Train your mind like house training a puppy! Keep taking it outside and showing it a different reality. Pam reads (and does the exercises every day!) of A Course in Miracles. Make seeing a new reality your priority! :)


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