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This week's show is with Shiv, who is a motivational speaker on self awareness and consciousnesses. His message emphasises Self Love as a means to inner awakening and deep meditation. 

Shiv believes that being our true self is what the journey of life is all about. Life is to be lived without any delusions stated in words from past experiences. True self cannot be stated in words but lived as an experience. Shiv refrains from attaching himself to any definable label, be it of status, gender, religion, nation or any other description that would define and therefore limit. All that he is, is.

In today’s show we spoke about judgement - why we judge, how it affects us, and what's possible on the other side of judgement.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We're born completely pure and without judgements and then start gathering judgements about ourselves and others - often starting with our gender.
  • We judge others in order to know ourself but it's a limited version of ourself - it's not our true self.
  • The first step to letting go of judgement is recognising that you can. Just observe your thoughts and notice that it's not the real you who is talking. Observe and be a witness.
  • Surrender to yourself and you will become who you really are. As Shiv said "Tension is who you want to be, relaxing is who you are."
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