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This week's show is with Victoria Kate. Victoria is the founder of Free2bme, the training for teachers and parents in mental health wellbeing for young people. Victoria is qualified as a Mind Calm trainer, NLP and Reiki Master and using her personal experience and expertise Victoria delivers self-development courses and one to ones for clients worldwide.

Victoria is a single mum, writer and lover of life. She lives by the sea with her 10 year old son and enjoys watching sunsets, eating chocolate and travelling this wonderful world. She is writing a book based on rebuilding yourself after a relationship breakdown, how to thrive single parenting (including travelling with them) and then on to meeting Mr Right! She provides compelling insight, along with other single parents, that one of the most challenging lifestyles can help you wake up and find great peace, serenity and joy in your life.

She also happens to be one of my very best and oldest friends!

In this show we’re talking about what happens after a painful relationship break-up: life afterwards. We explored all kinds of aspects including making conscious choices, forgiveness and letting go, authenticity, human vs spirit, life as a single parent, and creating a whole-hearted relationship with your ex.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • There's a time for grief and pain - allow yourself that time before you move forward into acceptance.
  • The importance of spirituality - allowing the space for intuition and connecting to your higher self and something bigger than yourself. From there acceptance comes which is the foundation for making conscious choices - large and small.
  • Holding a vision of what'd love life to look and feel like is what allows us to create a life that's in alignment with that vision.
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