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This week the tables are turned on Lian and she becomes the guest!

Primal Happiness co-founder Jonathan Wilkinson is in the host's chair and guides Lian through the story of her life. She covered her early years living as a single parent family with her father, travelling Europe, her struggles with fitting in at school and work, and discovering the possible reason for those struggles.

This show is packed with so many fascinating, inspiring, slightly weird :) and incredibly funny stories that I know you'll love. In fact, there was so much awesomeness that we had to make this a two part show so this is part 1 and part 2 will follow shortly. In part 2, Lian will share the surprising impact of losing her father, discovering what was really creating her feelings, and more.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • I loved the example of how the universe always provides when you’re open and aligned to its flow. That’s something we have become so disconnected from in this modern world. And I appreciate for some that’s a hard thing to get your head around let alone believe, but it’s true. It’s only because of the domestication of the human animal that this law of nature has been hidden from view.

    Have a play with breaking free from your domestication and reclaim your alignment to nature’s great flow.

  • I also wanted to highlight the power of the Socratic approach to learning that Lian’s father used with Lian and Lian subsequently uses with her children. This approach is around drawing the learning out from the student as opposed to pushing it onto them. In this world of google where we've been conditioned to crave instant answers, instant gratification without first taking a journey of exploration ourselves to arrive at the answer is stunting the growth of our consciousness and the collective consciousness of the world.

    If you have children or even young family members the next time they ask you something, instead of just giving them the answer maybe take the time to have a mini adventure with them and simply reply “I’m not sure... what do you think?” and see where that takes you. 😃
  • And lastly, Lian shared her story of being a misfit and the challenges that came from that. And how as she’s got older she’s become more accepting of who she is and that’s allowed her gifts to shine brighter. As ever, when we accept and embrace our uniqueness and the uniqueness in others, it has the power to do incredible things in the world.That’s the design of the system that’s the default setting, it’s just that we've lost touch with how to cultivate inspire and nurture the uniqueness in humans. We no longer celebrate people's unique gifts as we’ve been conditioned to turn inward in a never ending and soul destroying pursuit of the status quo. A world where we are all trying to be the same simply does not work!

    How can you celebrate and nurture your unique gifts and how can you do the same in others?

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