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This week is the second show in which the tables are turned on Lian and she becomes the guest!

Primal Happiness co-founder Jonathan Wilkinson is in the host's chair and guides Lian through the second part of the story of her life.

f you haven't yet listened to to Part One I would highly recommend you do so before listening to Part Two. But if you have, you'll know that part 1 was amazing, just packed full of crazy, funny stories of Lian's life up until her mid-20s.

And on this week's show we carry on that exploration and while there might not be as many of those types of stories, this show is full power. We get into some key events that rocked Lian's world - including her experience of being attacked and then the aftermath, the surprising impact of losing her father, and discovering what was really creating her feelings - these events were the catalyst for incredible growth and transformation.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • I loved how Lian cured her chronic facial pain and panic attacks simply through seeing the nature of thought and how it was creating her experience of life.However it is worth saying that Lian’s experience is probably on the rarer side certainly in terms of how quickly she made a full recovery yet understanding the role of thought seems to always have a profoundly beneficial effect, even if it’s a more gradual one. It can be helpful to focus more on the direction you are going in rather than the speed at which you are traveling in that direction.

  • Lian shared how when her father died she became aware of her connection to something bigger than her sense of self. No matter what you wish to call the intelligence all-creating force behind life - whether that’s God, spirit, source, Universal Mind or what we here at Primal Happiness call the Spirit Fundamental - what is undeniable is that it exists. And once we open up and deepen our awareness of it we can’t help but feel more connection, joy, love, meaning, and guidance.
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