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This week's show is with Kim Kaase. As a professional business coach, consultant and transformational trainer she supports her clients by working with them to craft a clear personal vision while creating results that are important to them. She uses her background as a designer to creatively solve problems and approach challenges as a coach from a very unique perspective. 

Kim’s experience in creating breakthrough sales results as well as executing company vision and goals melds perfectly with her coaching career. As a dealer principal, Kim led sales and sales support teams to grow the dealership from $14mm in 2003 to $38mm in just 4 years while industry trends were going in the opposite direction.

Kim graduated from the University of Houston in 1990 with a BFA in Interior Design and a certification in Transformative Coaching. Her career has included work with a vast array of professional services firms and successful entrepreneurs.. She is the Principal at her firm, LEAP Business Coaching. In her free time she enjoys transformational work, bird watching, cooking and creating memories with her son, Rex. Kim’s vision includes creating a world where everyone leads lives that they absolutely love!

In this show we explored Kim's experience of reclaiming her inner juiciness and intimacy with both herself and her partner. As ever, Kim was totally open and shared the insecurities and surprises that she has experienced and what this relationship has shown her about control and vulnerability. Although this show is particularly relevant to anyone entering the dating world later in life or after a break-up, I actually think this show is relevant to anyone at almost any stage of a relationship!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Falling into flow, into the space of presence just doesn't allow any room for thought-created baggage and insecurities. Kim said the strategies and techniques she'd tried in the past to get over her insecurities around sex didn't work, however when she felt fully engaged and in the flow, they just weren't there!
  • The need for control is very common because it's a way that we can feel safe, however it's that very safety that stops us really living and feeling.  Kim said she would now take juicy over safety any day!
  • When we let go of trying to be someone that we believe people will love, instead we radiate who we really are - and as Kim says, others will be drawn to us like a moth to a flame. It's totally attractive!
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