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This week's show is with Robert Kandell. Robert is the host of the Tuff Love podcast and co-founder of OneTaste (orgasmic meditation). He is a relationship expert, life coach and of course has his own personal breakup stories to tell.

In this show we explored what's going on in relationships and between men and women in this crazy modern world, as Robert said and men are acting more like boys. Women are acting more like men. So we talked about that, what's caused it and what we can do about it!

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We all have a masculine/feminine ratio - a man can have some feminine and a woman can have masculinity. This is absolutely natural and fine and the ratio often changes during our life.
  • In this modern world, men are acting more like boys - The whole Peter Pan thing of being part of an urban tribe and having fun. Women are acting more like men - being the strong one and being the provider. This behaviour is in contrast to what Robert believes that a powerful underlying drive for the masculine is to get approval whereas the feminine wants to feel beautiful.
  • If you're not happy with how your masculinity or femininity is showing up in your life and relationship then the first step is just to be honest with yourself: take an inventory - job, relationship, and purpose. Then take responsibility for what you've co-created.
  • Get into the habit of success. We're surrounded with potential connections in the world - go look! Build allies around creating the changes you want.
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