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This week's show is with Zakiya Gayle, The Confident Woman's Secret Weapon. Her mantra of "every woman deserves to feel like a goddess" has led her to bring over 300 powerful women's inner Fire back to life on the beaches of Tobago, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

Zakiya understands intimately the power of connection and mystique. Using her signature Z Method, Zakiya helps a select group of women per year discover the secrets of true connection and learn how to use it to improve their business, relationships, and life.

In this week's show, Zakiya takes us on a rip-roaring journey exploring how women can exude feminine power without a sprinkle of makeup or showing an inch of skin. We spoke about how that relates to women living in a more ‘natural’ state, rather than how we been conditioned to live in today’s crazy modern world. Zakiya is a total force of nature and this show was quite an experience, let's just say if you're of sensitive disposition, grab your smelling salts and brace yourself for a journey through masturbation, self-love, your true self and more!

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Most women today have been conditioned to cover up metaphorically and literally, to live small and to hide their feminine power - the pandemic of invisibility as Zakiya describes it. Zakiya talks about recognising that all women have the potential for creating life. When we recognise and embrace that creative, euphoric energy, we grow used to living that way and it feels like home.
  • Get in touch with your body, give yourself pleasure and get to know your energy and your true self. Discover where you've hidden your soul. When you know the true beauty of yourself and your body then no-one can tell you anything negative about you or your body that has any impact. Conversely when you feel love for yourself then you don't need it from others but instead you can be open to enjoy and play with it.
  • I loved how Zakiya talked about looking in the mirror and feeling love and appreciation for yourself - ask yourself "What's my favourite part of myself?" That's something that I've been trying recently and initially it was surprisingly alien but has already become more natural.
  • Lastly, I could really feel what Zakiya talked about women's communities and connection and how much we lack that in today's modern world. That role of the community has been removed as if we can somehow continue function well without it. Let's see how we can start to grow together, support each other, talk to each other's souls... and let's see the awesomeness that we can create together then!
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