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This week's show is with Flora Douville, an anti-image consultant. Flora is a hybrid of an intuitive and a mystic, plus a personal coach and a professional consultant. She is an expert in teaching you to feel the different layers of your personality — who you are and how you show up in the world. She can help you put more of YOU in your life, business and relationships. She will also ​match your energy to the right clothing to have your life and wardrobe fully aligned on who you are at your core — so that you feel invincible in your everyday life, all by being you.

​She has been refining her process with her clients for over 10 years and has trained 50+ ​professionals who now use her method with their own clients. She lives between France, the US and Costa Rica, where she works with leaders, coaches and artists who are making a difference in the world.

In this episode we spoke about getting to know yourself deeply, separate what comes naturally from what you've learned to be accepted into the world, and how that shows up in clothing, the colours, textures and shapes that work for you and represents who you are.
For those of us who have come from a spiritual path such as the 3Ps, it can seem irrelevant or shallow to focus on our personality, let alone our clothes but the more I've contemplated this stuff, the more I've seen that we live the richest lives when we accept and unleash our unique gifts and traits. Yes, it's all one, and yes, that oneness shows up in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways!
I adored recording this, so much so that you can probably hear the excitement in my voice throughout the show!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Flora is all about getting to know yourself deeply, separate what comes naturally from what you've learned to be accepted into the world so you can show up as who you truly are, free of conditions and expectations.
  • When you put an item of clothing on, instead of looking in the mirror, close your eyes and see how something feels. Does the weight feel right? Does the fabric feel good against your skin? Flora has gifted us with a list of specific questions that you can ask yourself to really understand whether something's right for you (see below for the link to download Flora's questions).
  • We're made up of three layers: Physical: colours, Emotional: textures, Mental: shapes. The elements are fire, water, earth and air and we can be a combination of all different elements or can have repeating elements. Even without knowing Flora's method in depth, I think most of us can connect to an intuitive sense of the elements and develop a practice of listening to your body and contemplating what we pick up, from there we can begin to understand our uniqueness more deeply.
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