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This week's show is with teacher, consultant and change management expert Patrick O’Neill, author of "The Only Certain Freedom: The Transformative Journey of the Entrepreneur," an unconventional and highly-acclaimed business book that draws its teachings from the wisdom of the Hero’s Journey, and what modern entrepreneurs can learn from the ancient myths of heroes like Hercules and Odysseus.

Patrick certainly has the expertise to back this up: he is a nationally renowned consultant and teacher, specializing in organizational dynamics and conflict resolution. His company, Extraordinary Conversations Inc, has clients across the world, advising corporations in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific; townships of South Africa; and even the peace process in the Middle East. His insights on leadership are regularly featured in national newspapers such as the Globe and Mail.

In this conversation, we spoke about the four archetypes: the Leader, Healer, Visionary and Teacher. Each archetype corresponds to a cardinal direction: North, South, East and West - and each direction contains a set of practices synthesized from worldwide shamanic traditions.

I loved this show - it has so much depth and also practical, applicable wisdom.

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