The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Daniel Fox. Daniel is a Speaker, Coach, and Author of Masculine & Feminine Archetypes and Sacred Masculine Rising, Daniel’s purpose is social revolution by helping people align with their life’s purpose.

Facilitating personal and organizational transformation for over 12 years, Daniel has created powerful space for thousands of people both in-person and online to experience permanent, life-changing transformation around relationships and dating, as well as their career and business.
In this show, we explored Daniel's work around guiding his clients to understand their signature archetype on the pole of Masculine and Feminine, as well as his added distinction of Light versus Dark. Daniel describes his method as a way to create insight about the instincts and hidden motivations behind everyone you interact with throughout the day. It's a set of lenses that honours everyone for what they bring and finds new ways to work together.
I personally really saw the value of the additional Light/Dark distinction. I also have to say that Daniel's story is fascinating - all in all, it's an incredibly fascinating show.
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