The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D. Dr Tumi believes that to truly thrive means embracing our wholeness; and she embodies that through all of her work as a physician, poet and dancer.

Dr Tumi started out as a mainstream doctor who had a passion for dance that she originally kept very separate. Over the years in a series of twist and turns, dark nights of the soul and unexpected opportunities, she's blended her traditional training, her extensive nutrition expertise, her skill as a yoga teacher and her passion for dance into a unique, holistic and highly effective way of working with her patients, to achieve and sustain their most vibrant well-being.

Through her work, she has had many patients heal a myriad of issues ranging from diabetes to hormonal imbalances to persistent weight challenges.

In this show, we explored how Dr Tumi works with her patients in a way that isn't limited to the kinds of treatment we might typically consider as medicine, she also includes personalised recommendations for movement that will support them to health.
Dr Tumi gives some brilliantly practical ways to make movement work for you in this deeply medicinal way. I found this such an incredible and illuminating conversation.
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