The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is Lian's All The Everything where she jams on an eclectic mix of topics, including questions from listeners. It also airs weekly live on facebook. This is where you can get up close and personal with Lian, get inside her head and see what's she's up to and thinking about.

It also airs live on facebook on the first Friday of every month at 10am (UK time).

In this episode, Lian talked about...

  • What I’ve been loving lately: Watson, my new puppy, wish lists, and my monthly day off
  •  And the main topic... Money magic: how to allow it in

* Why I see that your relationship with money links to your primal happiness (yes, I know it seems incongruous!)

* How we got here

* How we can create an empowered relationship to money (emotionally and spiritually and also practically)

* As ever, I’ll share all the intimate details of my own money story

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