The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Neilon Pitamber, an all round bodyworker and founder of BodyFirst. He has been teaching and coaching bodywork (working with bodies in a conscious way), for around 15 years.

Born in Zimbabwe and bred in London where he gained a BSc Hons in Zoology at Imperial College. Since then he has been on a continuing journey of self-development and education. His broad experience allows him combine a deep understanding of human nature in a holistic and organic way with the latest revelations in biology, health, fitness and self-development.

Neilon has struggled with serious health conditions from childhood, including a congenital back condition, but despite or perhaps because of that, now at 45 years of age, he is stronger, more flexible, deals with less back problems, is happier than ever before. Neilon’s passion is to share some of his knowledge and to empower people on their journey to wellness, happiness and all out celebration of this amazing gift of body that we have.

In this show, Neilon and I explored what it means to live a body first life - in a world in which we've largely become disembodied and value our minds more than the rest of us. We talked about human history, different movement and embodiment practices - both in the past and modern day, the benefits of living 'body first' and then dived into some practical steps you can take to become more intentional about living this way.

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