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This week's show is with Mandara Cromwell, DCM, CEO of Cymatics Technologies™, who studied early cymatic therapy with British Osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners and has made it her mission to take his work to greater heights through ongoing research, education and collaboration. She was awarded the Diplomat of Cymatic Bioenergetic Medicine by Dr. Manners for her study and contribution to the field of cymatics.

Extended travel to India and China gave her incredible insight into the ancient teachings of yoga which combine perfectly with the healing power of sound. Further investigation of ancient medical systems led to an in-depth study of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and a greater appreciation of the healing potential of sound, as delivered along the meridian pathways.

The AMI750 -Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™ device, her own invention, confirms the meridian pathways through the use of cymatic protocols developed by her company Cyma Technologies. Practitioners and researchers agree on the efficacy of Cymatherapy™ as provided and presented through her devices and techniques. The AMI 750™ was nominated for the 2013 Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine.

Cyma Technologies, as envisioned by American woman entrepreneur, Mandara Cromwell, is a futuristic, spiritually inspired company, that creates vibrant health, jobs of the future and new ways of thinking. Her mission is to be one of many seeking to change the face of healthcare in America and the world, through advanced sound technology.  She is founder of the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), producer of the annual Cymatics Conference and co-chair of the five-year national initiative, “The Pain Free Living Campaign.” For more information visit 

In this show we spoke about the link between sound, images and our wellbeing. We spoke about how we can tune into the kinds of sounds that will give us energy and how we can release and reset from stress.

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