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This week's show is with William Whitecloud. William is a best-selling author and a creative development trainer. His famous publications include The Magician's Way: What It Really Takes to Find Your Treasure, The Last Shaman, and Secrets Of Natural Success; Five Steps to Unlocking Your Genius. Through the pandemic, he made his foundational 5 day-training, Create Your Destiny, which he made available for free as a 5-week online course.

He is the founder and chairman of Natural Success which is a training and mentoring provider.

He now resides in Santa Monica, California where he enjoys time with his family, writing and at the same time developing movies.

In this show, William and Lian spoke about William's study and creation of a system of magic that allows people to powerfully create their reality in alignment with their heart - aka their highest good, the importance of knowing your heart-based vision, and the difference between perception and intuition.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • William's amazing story of being incredibly ill and then miraculously recovering is such a wonderful example of the power of our focus. If focus created him being close to death to being in great health, what can you create with it?
  • As William said, so much of our focus is actually happening below our conscious awareness - what's held in our subconscious is the real mastermind and requires real awareness to understand.
  • Understanding how our intuition is constantly speaking to us and being able to be in innocence (in no sense) is the way to be able to hear it and act on it rather than always needing to know and make sense of the world.

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