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This week's show is with Jonathan Bowden. Jonny made the transition to coaching, consulting and training as his main vocation in 2014 after several years of working in the corporate world.  He had a lifelong calling to growth, evolution and full realisation of the human potential and has combined his passion for personal development and changework with broader business development and strategic consulting roles in both the public and private sector.

His real passion - and the thing that sits at the heart of all of his work - is people. More than anything else, he enjoys supporting and guiding individuals and groups to achieve the kind of personal and professional success that they truly desire, and to feel more content, fulfilled and satisfied as they do so. Not by giving them what they do not have, but by helping them to finally see through what has been getting in the way.

His own personal experience has shown him that there is little that a committed human being cannot achieve, create, recover or come back from. No exceptions. His own work embodies both the internal and external experience necessary to achieve this.

In this show, Jonny and Lian explored expressing your truth, even when it could cost you the approval of others, and the challenges and gifts that living this way can bring.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Jonny shared that for him, living from Truth, is a way of being that means expressing his truth even when it might not garner approval, is a choiceless choice - this was already present for him pre-Covid, and this period simply presented a new opportunity to continue deep and further on that path
  • The more we're grounded in our own Truth, the less other people's reactions will compel us to take action... every time we're feeling compelled, it shines a light on where there's work to be done
  • The reason to live this way, devoted to Truth, isn't to get external rewards, though they may well be present, I love how Jonny expressed it  "There is a point where the internal experience becomes the reward in itself" 

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Lian & Jonathan

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