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This week's show is with Dr. Paul J. Leslie. Paul is a psychotherapist, author, and educator in Aiken, South Carolina. Paul is a licensed therapist and a National Board Certified Fellow in Hypnotherapy. He has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is presently the coordinator of the psychology program at Aiken Technical College. He has authored eight books which focus on the areas of transformative psychotherapy, healing, shamanism, and personal development. Paul is a popular trainer of Solution-Based therapies, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and creative coaching applications.

In this show, Paul and Lian explored the parallels between magic and psychotherapy, the power of our context for creating the life we live, how and why we make distinctions and how they can be limiting, and how we can move from a “problem solving existence” to a magical life in which we listen to our own hearts to guide us.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • What is your Context? This is the filter through which you will see everything and create within.
  • Paul talked about the way we make distinctions - this is natural and unavoidable, the invitation is to notice when our distinction has become a problem or limitation that is creating a life that isn't the one we desire
  •  I love how Paul talked about experience vs information... this is especially relevant for coaches and therapists but is actually so helpful for all of us who wish to create a life of wonder and meaning.

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