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This week's show is with Lynne Forrest. Lynne is regarded as a non-traditional psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over twenty-five years, is widely known as a Reality Guide and Personal Growth Mentor for her empathy, compassion and her no-nonsense approach in dealing with life issues. She uses ancient spiritual principles to help those who struggle to find their way into right alignment with themselves and their life purpose.

Her original work in recognizing victim consciousness as a widespread epidemic with its own set of definable and recognizable characteristics has revolutionized her approach with clients and transformed the lives of many. She has developed a unique understanding of how the mind works and ways to liberate it from the throes of what she calls the “victim mind.”

Lynne came up through the ranks of experiential learning rather than the more traditional academic route and has sought and found practical ways of applying those principles for immediate positive change. She out in the mental health field in the early seventies, hired and trained by an HMO (health maintenance organization) in social work and mental health. She has been in the field of personal growth ever since - moving to the addictions field in the early eighties after successfully transforming her own addictive lifestyle into a more creative and productive one. Lynne has run her own private practice since 1985.

As a perpetual student of life and consciousness, Lynne has devoted herself to studying with masters of various disciplines. Her first teacher was her mother, Estelle Sanford, a student of metaphysics, who was herself an intuitive that drew upon her inner knowing for wisdom and spiritual truths.

In this show, Lynne and Lian spoke about the Victim Triangle (based on the Drama Triangle created by Dr. Stephen Karpman), how this is about ancient human stories and archetypes, and how we can move into observer consciousness.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The archetypes on the Victim Triangle are defense strategies that we take on out of a core belief about who we are in world, who we are in our family, who we are as an identity that we take on, based on the feedback we're getting from the world around us
  • As we become aware of and begin to consciously participate in the story we've been living, we can actually use the same archetypes that were using to keep us in it to now begin to liberate ourselves: spotting when we're being the Victim and projecting the Persecutor on someone else
  • As we move more into what Lynne calls Observer Consciousness and we call Sovereignty we are able to watch the Victim Triangle stories play out within us and others, without being compelled to move into the Persecutor to make ourselves or them wrong for living what is a deeply human story

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