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This week's show is with Marisa Goudy. Marisa is an author, a word witch, a story healer, an intuitive tarot reader, a writing coach, and an energy healer who helps folks discover, embody, and tell their own Sovereign stories.

In her book, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic, Marisa combines her passion for Celtic goddess and Irish myth with her feminist vision of creating an equitable world that is more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

Marisa is the founder of the online writers’ community, the Sovereign Writers’ Knot, and creator of the 7 Magic Words Project. She works with writers, creative entrepreneurs, and wisdom seekers who are on a quest to reconnect to their magic, their purpose, and their voice.

Everything Marisa does is grounded in the mix of the magical and the practical as she helps people bring more healing, creativity, connection, sovereignty, and love to their lives.

In this show, Marisa and Lian spoke about the alchemy of Sovereignty and creativity, the archetypal lens we share on Sovereignty, how we can be compelled to create lives that are not really for us, and how we can navigate and create from Sovereignty instead.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • I love how Marisa spoke to Sovereignty right at the beginning: sovereignty is tending to ourselves so that we can tend to others, tend to the collective. There's such a helpful knowing there in that by living in a way that can seem selfish, it's actually anything but.
  • Sovereign creativity requires discernment - to be guided by a deeper knowing of what's right for us rather than the shoulds and what's seemingly perfect - but perfect for someone else
  • Lastly, sometimes compromise is what's called for, however being Sovereign is about living and creating in a way that's aligned to our souls rather than a life of compromise.

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