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This week's show is with Daniel Fox.  Daniel Fox is the author and founder of Unfold Fest which aims to build a community of leaders who contributes to the world with big hearts and brilliant minds. Unfold Fest gatherings are a unique chance to make life-changing connections and uncover new possibilities and partnerships with like-minded people who are passionate about growth.

In this show, Daniel and Lian spoke about creating change in the world from ecstasy or differently said, contribution from bliss. We explored why this is the sovereign (versus Victim) way of creation even though it can look like bypassing and selfishness, and why it's likely to create the results and solutions in your life and in the world at large that you actually desire.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Creating change from a joyous place is not only an enjoyable way to live, it actually results in creating change that is effective, even joyous, too!
  • Most of the time when we seek to create change, though completely well-intentioned, comes from one of the positions on the Victim Triangle, it often begins in the Rescuer though we'll migrate round to the other positions too as we always do. Anything created from the Victim Triangle can only bring results on the Victim Triangle.
  • People will likely judge you as being selfish or spiritually bypassing when you choose to create from an overflowing cup - this comes with the territory and whilst it can be challenging, it doesn't mean you need to sink back onto the Victim Triangle.
  • Find the others - people who are creating and living in this way too. Daniel's Unfold Fest is a perfect place to begin!

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