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This week's show is with Misha Tuesday. Misha is an award-winning performer, an Ignite speaker, professional hypnotist, the founder of Hyno-Energize, and the creator of Active Tarot. He is a regular presenter at Hynothoughts Live, the world's largest hypnosis conference.

He was born and raised in a haunted farmhouse in Pennsylvania, learned to read Tarot as a child, was initiated into Shamanism at 18 and studied hypnosis with world-famous Canadian hypnotist Mike Mandel. Misha has brought his unique presentations to universities, media organizations, Fortune 500 companies across United States and Canada.

He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

In this show, Misha and Lian spoke about having a magical worldview, using Tarot in an active way rather than a divinatory way, and then we invited you into a special Full Moon ritual that Misha calls "Magickal Inauguration". Misha explained it thus: Everybody uses the word "initiation" which is about making yourself new, but Inauguration is more about instituting a policy for a period of time. Also it has the same root as augury, looking at omens. With inauguration, we are making our own omens. 

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What you'll learn from this episode:

Here are the cards and the invitations they bring:

  1. The World: Do all 5 of the other rituals
  2. Swords/Air - Daily ritual to focus your attention on looking at the world in a more magical way
  3. Pentacles/Earth - Carry with you some magical tools that represent the elements
  4. The Cup/Water - Try making and taking a magical potion
  5. Baton/Fire - Working with your dreams
  6. The High Priestess/Akasha - Focus on direct energetic experiences, such as reiki, focus on an object and feel the energetic connection between you and it, read auras, play with energy tentacles

Resources and stuff that we spoke about:

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