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Hello my beautiful people! A huge warm welcome back to the show.


In today’s crazy modern world, men and women are living shallow, disconnected and unfulfilling lives. So we created the path for those who are ready, to reclaim their wildness and actualise their deepest gifts.


If you’re a man and

  • your life is lacking real purpose and meaning (you may not know what it is but you feel deep down that you’re here for something more… something bigger, bolder, heart-felt and soul-led)
  • you’re feeling isolated, lonely and lacking the support and mentorship of men who really get you (and this only grows with each year that passes)

If you’re a woman and

  • your body is calling to you to listen to her (she calls in many ways… pain, shame, numbness, tension and sometimes a clear “Yes, this way.”)
  • you’re so over trying to do and have it all, whilst feeling more worn out and less fulfilled (it *is* possible to live a rich, full life but it rarely happens through being the ‘nice girl’ or the ‘ball breaker’)

If you resonated with any of those, then first of all, I hear you. You’re really not alone, we keep seeing this in the men and women around us, even ones who are a way along their personal growth or spiritual paths, and that’s we created Waking The Wild F and M.


They’re potent circles to support you in discovering your soul path and expressing your heart’s truth whilst being fully seen and held by a circle of your fellow men or women. It really is the most powerful, activating magic we know of! 


You can let us know you’re feeling the call to either of those by going along to either for Waking The Wild Feminine or for Waking The Wild Masculine. 


If these are calling to you then we look forward to seeing you in circle soon.


And now onto this week's show, it’s with Joshua FalconCrest, Joshua is a leadership development trainer, filmmaker, author, and speaker. He loves using story and technology to assist people in remembering their true nature.

He’s the creator of DaoPlay – an intuitively guided role-playing experience designed to escort people through their own personal “movie scenes” – the very situations they need to experience in order to release the past and to reclaim their personal power. 

In this week's show, Joshua and I explored the topic of relating to our inner child as the same as relating to our bodies. The power of opening the pockets of shame created by trauma and how we can enter into this work in a deeply nurturing and impactful way.

This was such a deep and complex show but with profoundly simple and practical takeaways, I hope you take as much away from it as i did.

Let’s dive in!

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