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This week's show is with Phil Goddard... when he interviewed me for a change! Phil had an intuitive nudge to reach out to me and ask if I'd like him to interview me about my father, my childhood, my relationship and the gifts and lessons I received from his life and his death. I said a big, fat YES and the rest is history!

A bit about Phil, who has been on the show at least a couple of times before... Phil helps business owners and leaders enjoy their personal relationships as much as they enjoy their work, creating easy, prosperous and loving personal & professional relationships. He is an internationally renowned life & relationship coach, speaker, leadership consultant, and lover of life and humanity.  A published author, he is also the host of both The Coaching Life and Naked Hearts Podcasts.  His work centres around transforming relationships and leadership through developing a deeply grounded understanding of the principles behind our human experience and the nature of how our experience of life is created.

In this show, as well as speaking about my father, I asked the members of the Primal Happiness fb group if they had any questions about death that they'd like us to explore in this conversation. Their questions were incredibly varied, including:

  • “What are your insights on our capacity to create space, trust, and connection around death (especially when the individual that’s died was divisive in life)?”
  • “Why if time is not linear do we mainly hear about past lives and not future lives?”
  • “When we feel closer to a loved one that’s passed what is it being felt?”
  • “If messages are received from people that have passed who/what is the message actually from?”
  • “Why might we fear ghosts and is this fear hiding something from us or holding us back in some way?”
  • “What is the egos role in death, if any at all?”
  • “Psychedelics hint to the shedding of ego prior to death. If so, is there a more limited role for the ego while alive? What does that practice look like?”
And I think we answered them all!
This was an incredibly rich conversation and I will be forever grateful to Phil for suggesting it and then providing me with such a beautiful, loving space to explore this topic which clearly means a lot to me. What a man he is - truly a gift to the world!

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Resources and stuff that we spoke about

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This week's show is with Dave Burns who is a coach, angel investor, and essayist. With a background in relational work, partnered meditation, mindful business training and classical philosophy, his work today centres around the interplay between ancient wisdom and modern practicality. A very happy husband, he lives in Costa Rica with his wife, in a small town where the jungle meets the sea.

In this show we spoke about the hidden energies of financial exchange, Dave dived deep into sooo many money questions such as: why is it so challenging to charge money for a service-based business? Why does it seem so easy to make money after a certain point? Why is it that I have so much trouble saving? Why does it vanish? How do I cultivate consistent habits without being controlling, restrictive, self-abusive?

Ultimately, this episode did an incredible job of illuminating the money landscape so we can choose to cultivate a conscious relationship with it.

dogs barking x 2: 11.44mins , 13.09 , possibly another!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Money is a store of human life because life is scarce - taking life force is usually described as consuming or eating therefore taking someone's money is like cannibalism
  • Of course we will have resistance to eating and being eaten by other humans so it's no wonder we can have so much resistance around money!
  • Indigenous cultures have a conscious and sacred relationship of the thing they're consuming -  we can begin to create a similar relationship by giving thanks and praise to the things you're eating and the lives that brought it to you
  • Receiving a lot of money can feel uncomfortable and greedy when we aren't bringing the reverence and consciousness to it
  • I love Dave's suggestion of creating an alternative to the loving kindness meditation: (may I be peaceful, may you be peaceful, may you be well)...  May I be consumed, may you be devoured, may you be received

Resources and stuff that we spoke about:

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This week's show is Lian's All The Everything where she jams on an eclectic mix of topics, including questions from listeners. This is where you can get up close and personal with Lian, get inside her head and see what she's up to and thinking about.

The making of this show also airs live on facebook on the first Friday of every month at 11am (UK time).

In this episode, Lian dived deep into:

  • What she's been consuming
  • What she's been creating
  • How to invoke devotion as a magical way of life

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This week's show is with Aidan Wachter. Aidan has been involved in practical magic since the 1980s.  He is an animist and is deeply concerned with the effects of modern Western life-ways on the human animal, on both physical and spiritual levels. Aidan views a living magical practice as a path to heal many of the problems we face today and a way of being that is intrinsic to the creatures we are. He is the author of Six Ways: Approaches & Entries to Practical Magic and Weaving Fate: Hypersigils, Changing the Past & Telling True Lies.

​In this show we explored the intersection of rewilding and magic - or how they're actually two sides of the same coin, or "one stone" as Aidan says. Given the power of both rewilding and magic, bringing the understanding of them together in this way is such an important and helpful conversation for anyone who wants to reclaim their power. I absolutely loved it - I hope you do to.

I’d love to know what YOU think about this week's show. Let’s carry on the conversation… please leave a comment below.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Indigenous - ie wild - cultures across the world and throughout history evolved with magic being part of the worldview and way of relating to themselves and everything around them. Aidan actually says that he sees magic as the defining root of human culture.
  • Typically modern magic hasn't included an understanding of the importance of rewilding - therefore unless someone has already been on the rewilding path, any magical practice will be  happening over the top of domesticated ways of thinking and being.
  • If we were raised in wild ways we would have been guided to live in a way that was in alignment with our deepest self (which we could describe as the soul or True Will) but those of us who were raised in this modern culture will need to rewild to release the dreams, visions, ideas and fears that aren't native to us
  • For those of us who are already on the rewilding path, the understanding and practice of magic provides us with the power to create positive change in the world that is in alignment with our deepest self
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