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This week's show is with Damo Mitchell. Damo Mitchell is the author of several books on internal arts, the technical director of the Lotus Nei Gong International School as well as the founder of The Internal Arts Academy and the Xian Tian College of Medicine. He has studied the arts of Asia since the age of four. Starting out in martial arts, but shifted into the spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Daoism along with an in depth study of Chinese medicine. These days, he continues his studies within the spiritual traditions of China and South East Asia from his home base in Bali, Indonesia.

In this conversation, Damo and I explored ci: what is it, how does it work and how can we work with it.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Qi is energy that is likely the same as is described in many different traditions across the world and throughout time - the difference is how we work with it
  • Damo said that the cause of most blockages in energy is what's happening in the mind - if we can create flow in the body, it will create flow in the mind and vice versa as they are intrinsically linked
  • Open the body - pull the bones apart! And attention rather than intention, bring awareness to what's happening.

Resources and stuff that we spoke about

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This week’s show is Lian’s All The Everything where she jams on an eclectic mix of topics, including questions from listeners.

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In this episode, Lian  dived deep into the topic: All The Everything You Always Wanted to Know About X* (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Lian answered these questions:

  • What is True Will and who/what chooses to be in or out of alignment with that Will?
  • Why do some people have their desires realised and others don't?
  • What's at play for someone repeating the same pattern over and over and over again that doesn't look to be in service to them or anyone else?
  • Why might we have resistance to ritual and ceremony and what real difference does ritual and ceremony make in our lives and to living more fully and actualising our gifts?

Resources and stuff that I spoke about:


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Lian & Jonathan

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