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This week's show is with Amanda Archibald, RD. Amanda's cutting edge work in Culinary Genomics, unveiled in 2015, has created a new frontier, uniting the fields of Genomic Medicine with the Culinary Arts. Through this work, Amanda is placing food, chefs and the kitchen at the epicenter of healing and igniting a new nutrition conversation for the world.

Amanda has extensive training in nutrition biochemistry, nutrigenomics and functional nutrition. Along with running the day to day business of The Genomic Kitchen, she provides genomic test interpretation, nutrigenomic and culinary guidance for clients, clinicians and the team at The Genomic Kitchen. Amanda has taught extensively at clinical, health and industry conferences worldwide.

In this show we explored Amanda's work, specifically around culinary genomics - which is the system of choosing, preparing and understanding food.  Culinary genomics is a term she coined to express this revolutionary merging of nutrigenomics and the culinary arts.

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This week's show is with my third-time guest, the amazing James Tripp, an internationally recognised and respected educator, consultant and coach in the fields of personal transformation, hypnosis, influential communication and personal efficacy. Working from an eclectic background including philosophy, music, mentalism, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis.

Beyond his work with private clients, James runs open workshops internationally, with his London and UK based workshops typically drawing students from around the world.

In today’s show we spoke about being at cause with our beliefs. As we grow in our understanding and experience of the power of different beliefs... whether that be religious, spiritual or any other kind... we can move past the dogma and begin to choose in and out of empowering whatever belief will create the rich, juicy and useful experience we want, moment to moment.

You'll hear that this is a particularly timely conversation for me - I love the invitation that James is making and it's one that I'm increasingly playing with myself.


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This week's show is Lian's All The Everything where she jams on an eclectic mix of topics, including questions from listeners. It also airs weekly live on facebook. This is where you can get up close and personal with Lian, get inside her head and see what's she's up to and thinking about.

It also airs live on facebook on the first Friday of every month at 10am (UK time).

In this episode, I...

* Shared what I’ve been consuming and creating in the past month

* I answered a listener’s question

* Dived deep into the topic: How to be authentic for people who aren't perfect

We’d love to know what YOU think about this week's show. Let’s carry on the conversation… please leave a comment below.

The practice I suggested:

  • Make the commitment to be authentic
  • Notice when your inside is and isn't matching your outside
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This week's show is with Zakiya Gayle, Zakiya is The Confident Woman's Secret Weapon. Her mantra of "every woman deserves to feel like a goddess" has led her to bring over 300 powerful women's inner Fire back to life on the beaches of Tobago, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

Known to captivate a crowd or close high ticket programs to people she happened to sit next to on a flight, Zakiya understands intimately the power of connection and mystique. Using her signature Z Method, Zakiya helps a select group of women per year discover the secrets of true connection and learn how to use it to improve their business, relationships, and life.

In this week's show, Zakiya and I explore the incredible topic of women living their potential... what gets in our way and what we can do to expand through those limitations and obstacles. We spoke about all kinds of juicy things... including getting to know who we really are, pleasure, embodiment, and going naked!

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