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This week's show is with Jez Hughes is a British shaman, having studied intensively the path of shamanism for nearly 20 years, he has worked full time as a practitioner for the past 12 years. He teaches and initiates people onto this path from the heart of the woods in the south of England whilst also working closely with indigenous tribes from Central America.

Jez’s passion is empowering people to reawaken their ancestors, the land where they reside and their spiritual heritages to heal the relationship between the human and natural world. He is the author of the book The Heart of Life- Shamanic Initiation & Healing in the modern world.

In today’s show we spoke healing and how we can better align ourselves to our natural, joyful nature. Jez says we're currently living in paradox - with dark, heavy times and trauma and juxtaposed with healing energies. Healing and growth doesn't come without friction - pain is often growing and part of the process. We spoke about how we can better align ourselves with the natural forces that are starting to come forth.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We have got out of balance with ourselves and the natural world, by opening our hearts and giving back to the land and the natural world, we can fall back into alignment with the way of things and experience the joy and peace that's natural for us.
  • The elements of fire and water are trying to get our attention - we can see this in global warming and rising sea levels - if we can give gratitude (through ceremonies, prayers and thoughts) for the elements then they can fall back into balance.
  • We are often so spiritually starved in western culture that we can cling and grasp at spiritual, mystical things and lose a sense of the physical, down to earth, practical side of the natural world that we're living on and part of. We need to come into our bodies and have a natural, real sense of appreciation and connection with the world and the elements.
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This week's show is with Cam Adair, a Speaker, YouTuber, and Founder of, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, serving 25,000 members a month in 80 countries around the world. Born in Canada, he currently lives in San Diego, California.

In today’s show we spoke our digital/tech addiction - almost all of us are somewhere on that spectrum. We talked about why we've ended up this way and what we can do about it.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Almost all of us are somewhere on this spectrum of digital addiction - whether it's full on gaming addiction or just checking facebook a zillion times a day.
  • We do this because we're trying to meet four very human needs: Temporary Escape, Social Connection, Constant Measurable Growth, Challenge (Sense of Purpose)
  • Coming from a non-judgmental place allows for change and choices. Whether it's ourselves or others with an addiction, stopping to understand WHY this behaviour is happening allows us to make different choices, more in alignment with our values and vision.
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This week's show is with Kat Courtney, an Afterlife Coach. Kat first received the term "Afterlife Coach" after one of the many times she experienced death. She had been working as a Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Apprentice for a decade, and felt that her life's purpose was still a little. . . off. As she sat in her 999th or so Ayahuasca ceremony, it dawned on her that there are three things she love most in this world: Connection to soul, Ayahuasca, and death.

After the craziest of journeys with this medicine, she finally realised she was not meant to be an Ayahuasquera - she was meant to be the before and after guide. She also works with people in hospice. She adores shadow work. She's in love with death. Ayahuasca only made that a deeper calling and understanding.

So that’s exactly what we explored in this show - death. Why Kat sees it as one of the juiciest topics to explore, why our relationship with death actually affects how we live, and what we can do to get good with death.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We are so afraid of death and dying that it can make us close up and contract, not fully love our lives or be open to loving others.
  • Understanding that death isn't the end of the journey but is just a different experience of consciousness allows us to stop running away from death, to stop living in fear of it.
  • When we say yes to all of it - the dark stuff and the light stuff, love and heartbreak, life and death then we get to have the deepest, most juicy experience of life. So say yes to all of it!
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This week's show is with Tripp Lanier coach, consultant and host of "The New Man: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp".

He coaches entrepreneurs around the world to get out of the shallow end of the pool, redefine success, and align their work with what they were put on this Earth to do. Over the years he’s designed several businesses to support a simple lifestyle focused on freedom, ease, and fun.

As a creative entrepreneur, Tripp created one of the first digital video post-production companies in the Southeast. For over twelve years, Tripp crafted TV shows and commercials for national and regional clients. Other contributions include working with Ken Wilber as Co-Director of Integral Institute Arts Center. On the artistic front, Tripp has written, performed and produced albums with his own rock groups.

So Tripp really been done there and done that and is still doing it when it comes to living a life of full of freedom, fulfilment and fun.

In today’s show we spoke about how to be a human in today's crazy world where we are being domesticated, pushed in all kinds of directions and don't have the relationship, career or fulfilment we want.  So we're talking about how do we cut the crap, get rid of the shell we've created for ourselves and be more of who we really are.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Most of us are too scared to say aloud what we really want but when we do, it's incredibly powerful - and in fact, we may find that we don't even really want that thing once we've been able to say it and see it from another perspective.
  • Understanding and accepting that discomfort is likely to be part of the deal of anything that provides growth means that we can stop shying away from the unknown through fear.
  • The expectations that we live by are often just domestication - the conditioning that comes from what we imagine others expect of us - often, they are completely untrue
  • Ask yourself "What would the 80 year old me think of how I'm living my life?"
  • Instead of trying to 'be someone', let layers drop away and just be you, living however it is that you feel called to live.
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