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This week's show is with someone we're delighted to have met... Craig Richardson. Craig joins many today who are engaged in asking the question, "What does it mean to be fully and authentically human?" As an advocate of the human rewilding movement he is interested in applying this question to all areas of life, including parenting, nutrition, education, lifestyle, and spirituality. He works both professionally and informally to help individuals to move towards authentic humanity and break free from the domestication model. He and his wife have unschooled their son since birth, and as a family they are interested in camping, hiking, natural family living, fire spinning, organic cooking, ancestral skills, and being as Earth-friendly as possible.

In this show we spoke how we can make different choices about how we raise and school our children to allow them to reach their full potential as human beings. We speak about unschooling, rewilding, attachment parenting and more. And what impact this way of raising children could have on the world and the future as a whole!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Unschooling can seem like a novel concept but really it's how we've raised children in many cultures for thousands of years.
  • Socialisation when done through unschooling usually involves connecting with a far more diverse range of people than through traditional schooling. There are many different ways for our children to mix with and learn from many different people and there's resources and networks in many places, online and offline.
  • Craig has seen his son has a marked openness and eagerness to learn. Learning is its own reward rather than a means to an end.
  • When it comes to the conveniences we've introduced into our lives, it's worth asking if the convenience is propelling the idea of developing or diminishing my child and I as humans? Questions like: "What does it mean to communicate as a human being? What does it mean to connect with my child in a human to human way?" allows us to see ways forward that allow us to grow as human beings in our relationships with our children and others.
  • Schools are starting to recognise why linking subjects contextually (e.g. how we can learn maths through learning about something from history) is useful but this is something that happens very organically in a more natural setting such as unschooling.
  • Lastly, Craig talked about the openness and the acceptance of diversity that comes from raising children in this way, that makes for a future in which we're less like to get caught up in dogma and differences. When we're connected to our primal state, it's much less likely that we'll want to wreak damage on others or the planet.
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This week's show is with the wonderful Bill Cumming. Bill is a thirty-year coaching veteran and Director of The Boothby Institute. He has been a coach, consultant and trainer to CEOs and the executive teams of health care delivery organizations, businesses, school systems and non-profit organizations. He is a key partner in the New Horizons Academy.

This is the second time Bill's been on this show, the last episode we did together is one of our most popular shows and with good reason - it's incredible. It blew me away. On this episode, yet again he was absolutely amazing.

Today we're talking about whether it's possible to create a world which works for everyone and how we can move past the bigotry that's getting in the way of that right now.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Do we want to pass on a safer, more loving and kind world? First we need to have a commitment to making a world that works for everyone.
  • We need to destroy the myths that are getting in the way of that. For example recognising that other people want the same things that we do.
  • Take care of yourself - realise you're a miracle, living in a miracle. You can't change, empower or motivate anyone so focus on yourself.
  • Pick something that you want to be involved with. Pick one thing, decide what you're going do about that. You've got a clean slate, you can use that to choose to do whatever you want in the next moment.
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This week's show is with Chris Morris. Chris is a well-known personal coach, consultant and a meditation teacher and has spent decades exploring a tonne of different self-help techniques and ‘thought-based’ approaches, including meditation, NLP, the three principles, A Course in Miracles, and Byron Katie’s The Work.

One of many interesting facts about Chris is that successfully challenged the British government in the European Court of Human Rights to secure equal age of consent for sexual activity between men.

In this show, Chris and Lian explored the (massive!) topics of politics, religion and spirituality (and more)... and the way we so often get caught up in dogmatic beliefs, how we don't see that we have, and how much of the conflict between humans is the result of that. This seemed like an apt topic post-Brexit but really it would be apt at any time.

If you believe in, well... anything then this is the show for you! ;)

I’d love to know what YOU think about this week's show. Let’s carry on the conversation…  please leave a comment below.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Doing and being... Chris talked about how we can fall into the belief that life is simply about 'being' and we then miss that we're always doing something, our being comes from what we do (and vice versa). When we understand that we can make different choices about what we do.
  • Dogma vs Catma... believing dogma is about believing a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. Catma is about understanding a principle... but just for now. Continuing to explore, to ask, to test is what allows us to be less dogmatic and more catmatic.
  • Explore who you would be, if you didn't have the background you have, if you hadn't had the conditioning you had, if you didn't have the beliefs... it isn't about answering this question, it's about exploring the place you would need to be in order to answer it.
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And this week's show is with Lyric-Howard Jay Ginsberg. Starting in the 1980s, Lyric has been developing his crazy off the wall programs, throwing out the common models and merging and weaving together in-depth and advanced personal fitness training, dietary training, emotional awareness, NLP, sexual and relationship communication and enhancement, and consciousness and Integral thinking.

The world today is one where we are no longer concerned with survival, but now thriving. This means we need to accent what we've lost.. focusing on the feminine... enhancing their peace of mind, abilities, and impact on
the world. He applies his many different approaches with women entrepreneurs and professionals (some men to) to accelerate their growth. Each of his programs are synthesized from hundreds of existing models, tested in real-world situations, and streamlined for individual performance.

In this show, Lyric and Lian explored the topic of women and aloneness - how that aloneness can be seen as loneliness which shows up in addiction, abusive relationships, dependencies, bad habits, and closing off to life in many ways.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We place a negative meaning on the fact of our 'aloneness', we decide it's 'loneliness'... and then that makes us seek out ways to distract or remove ourselves from the feeling.
  • Lyric talked about the ways we try to remove this loneliness: the three 'atchments' of detachment, attachment, non-attachment.
  • It's important to remember that we don't actively or consciously choose any of these atchments, they're what simply what our thoughts are creating based on the way we see ourselves and the world. Those beliefs were once useful for us but it doesn't mean that they still are serving us well now.
  • As we as women (actually, men too!) see through our atchments and become more comfortable with our inherent aloneness, we can see the core of us is perfectly and naturally OK and we're more able to be open to exploring and connecting from that place.


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