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And this week's show is with Robin Charbit, one of the founders of Insight Principles. Although Robin is a chemical engineer by training, he has spent most of his 35 year career in the world of business, first as a the leader of one of Exxon’s large international businesses based in Europe, and then as the Director of a consulting practice in Boston, Massachusetts.

About 16 years ago, he came across the work of Syd Banks and saw it as the missing element in the world of business. That led him to found Insight Management Partners, to explore how to bring this understanding into business. About 10 years ago, he met Ken Manning and they joined forces to create Insight Principles.

In this show we’re talking about getting anything done at work or in life without bother or stress.

We all have had moments where we surprise ourselves, we leap that tall building without effort, we solve that issue with ease, or we just see what to do without apparently having to think too much about it. Most people agree when you say this to them. Most people also agree that this is a fleeting occurrence. Robin explains what this phenomenon is, where it lives, and how to have more of it. The interesting thing is there is nothing to do when you know where to look.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • There's an alternative to the bother and stress of today's busy lives and it's to live from an understanding of what allows us to access insight, ease and peace.
  • Remember a time when you were at peace on the inside. Psychologically peaceful. Try to remember what qualities were present in you at that time: Open, at ease, settled down. Were you doing them or did those qualities just show up? If they just showed up, where did they come from? Inside or innate. Not something to get - something to connect to.
  • How to connect to that space? The more we understand how the system works the less we get caught up in thought and have access to that space.
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This week's show is with Kelly Noonan Gores, Director and Executive Producer of the documentary HEAL, Kelly Noonan Gores had spent 20 years in front of the camera before deciding to turn her attention to filmmaking. In 2012, Gores launched Elevative Entertainment, an independent production company based in Beverly Hills, and transitioned into a career of writing and producing.

However, Gores’ time in front of the camera continued as she starred in and was the executive producer for the award winning films Beneath (2013) and Take a Seat (2011). Gores also produced the feature film Tooken (2015), a spoof of the Taken Franchise. She considers her latest project HEAL, her greatest passion and life’s work as it shares the powerful message that it is never too late for the body to heal. A combination of the books “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton and “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani, inspired and taught Gores that we are not victims of genes and biology but through our thoughts and beliefs we can recover and heal.

As a seeker of truth, Gores and her team have a passion for creative, consciousness raising projects. After taking a class at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Gores learned how food effects our health and how no one way diet, toxin release method, etc. works for every person in the same way. Gores’ inspiration for the documentary HEAL stems from a collection of attending classes and conferences, reading and sharing her knowledge with others.

Gores is a Los Angeles native, soccer player and has been practicing yoga and meditation for 8 years.

In today’s show we spoke about the power of our thoughts when it comes to healing. Kelly's film reveals that we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. It features interviews with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani and other leading scientists, teachers and experts on the mind-body connection, who describe and highlight the relationship between spirituality and science.

It turns out that we are not victims of our family genes, but truly have the power to heal virtually any “dis-ease” through our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.

I’d love to know what YOU think about this week's show. Let’s carry on the conversation… please leave a comment below.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The possibilities of the human mind and body are something we're only just starting to uncover but the examples in HEAL show that we're only limited by our beliefs.
  • The placebo effect actually creates the same chemical response as the drug it's controlling for. There's an incredible opportunity to better understand and exploit this effect.
  • The way we think about about something can have a greater impact on how it affects us than the actual properties of that thing. For example, whether we see our food as harmful or nourishing can affect whether it harms or nourishes us.
  • Happiness is a great indicator of whether we're in alignment
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This week's show is with Shiv, who is a motivational speaker on self awareness and consciousnesses. His message emphasises Self Love as a means to inner awakening and deep meditation. 

Shiv believes that being our true self is what the journey of life is all about. Life is to be lived without any delusions stated in words from past experiences. True self cannot be stated in words but lived as an experience. Shiv refrains from attaching himself to any definable label, be it of status, gender, religion, nation or any other description that would define and therefore limit. All that he is, is.

In today’s show we spoke about judgement - why we judge, how it affects us, and what's possible on the other side of judgement.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We're born completely pure and without judgements and then start gathering judgements about ourselves and others - often starting with our gender.
  • We judge others in order to know ourself but it's a limited version of ourself - it's not our true self.
  • The first step to letting go of judgement is recognising that you can. Just observe your thoughts and notice that it's not the real you who is talking. Observe and be a witness.
  • Surrender to yourself and you will become who you really are. As Shiv said "Tension is who you want to be, relaxing is who you are."
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James Tripp is back! James is an internationally recognised and respected educator, consultant and coach in the fields of personal transformation, hypnosis, influential communication and personal efficacy. Working from an eclectic background including philosophy, music, mentalism, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis.

Beyond his work with private clients, James runs open workshops internationally, with his London and UK based workshops typically drawing students from around the world.

In today’s show we spoke about the Chaos Wave - or what James describes as how we choose to participate in life in a way that brings things into the world that we want, it seems effortless and allows us to dance with the chaos - it feels like magic.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The world doesn't work like a coffee machine - it doesn't work step by step following a set process. It's constantly changing and isn't something that we can plan for linearly - even though we convince ourselves that we can. Life isn't like a game of chess, it's like a game of Tetris.
  • Surfing the chaos wave is about letting go of focusing on all of the things that you can't control, choose how you meet the wave, moment by moment, co-creating with the wave. Knowing when to hold and when to fold (as Kenny Roger sang!)
  • Look at where you're struggling in your life - where you don't want to take the steps that you see as necessary to achieve the result you desire. Connect to your vision (your high vibration state) so you can come alive with enthusiasm. Allow your intuition guide you and allow your action emerge from your vision.
  • A pattern of chronic worrying is about trying to control the future - which is impossible. Connect into the trust that allows you to be in and respond to the moment.
  • Letting go of the 'cause and effect' model which doesn't apply to the social-psycho world. Stop struggling and start dancing.
  • When someone inspires themselves and speaks from their inspiration - that inspires others.
  • Vision - we are not who we think we are, we are not the stories that we tell ourselves. Self-narrative is destiny. We are living from our self narrative. Starting to create a sense of who you are - connecting to a self-narrative that's inspiring. Feel inspired by who you are. Live into your own personal inspiring myth. What's coming through you - how do you work with that and shape it? How do you co-create with what's coming through and what's out there.
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