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This week I'm speaking with the utterly wonderful coach and trainer Kate Barsby, who I'm also proud to say is a grad of Happy School. Four years ago, Kate lost her baby daughter Eliza, and that experience led to Kate having some profound realisations about the nature of love, life and what it means to be human. Kate has been so generous in sharing her experiences with us here.

A little warning from me: This a beautiful conversation, full of love, gratitude and hope but because of the topic that we're talking about, I don't think this is going to be a good time to listen to this if you're currently expecting a baby.


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Why insomnia is all made up... with Jen Lucas

 This week I'm exploring insomnia with Jen Lucas.  Jen is a mental health educator, and she describes herself as recovering from many years of overactive seriousness! One of the ways that seriousness showed up in her life is dedicating years of her life to solving her insomnia. She now says 'insomnia is made up'! If you think that's a ridiculous statement then this is the show for you!


In this episode you'll learn:

  • Just because something seems real, it doesn't mean it is real - we can make so many things seem like a big serious struggle and devote a lot of energy to them, but that doesn't mean that there's anything going on other than a belief that we have.
  • When Jen saw that she'd made up a story about sleep - she became a lot less interested in creating any stories about it at all - either good or bad. This is true in so many other areas of life. Can you see where, completely innocently, you've created a story?
  • Techniques can create even more issues - Jen and I talked after the show about the various approaches that she's been recommended for good sleep such as using the correct lighting or not using devices before bed. She said that none of them worked (and in fact I know people who have ended up creating OCD around their sleep techniques) because it isn't those things that create our body's ability to sleep. Our body is designed to sleep all on its own! Just like it's designed to do so many other things very naturally and easily!
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How to choose a purposeful life... with Samuel Hershberger

This week I'm exploring purpose with Sam Hershberger. Sam is a life coach who works with entrepreneurs, coaches, and engineers and helps them create extraordinary lives.

Sam believes that living with purpose is a choice we can all make.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Choosing the experiences which feed the mechanism - just like feeding your body with good food is more likely to create great health, Sam was speaking about feeding your mind with things that are more likely to trigger the kind of thoughts that will create a great, happy experience of life.
  • If you were going to die tomorrow, is this what you'd do today? When the thought of death scares us it's often because we're doing things that we don't want to be doing with our life. When we live each day and each experience in a way in a purposeful way then we're present with our own mortality. We're aware that each day could be our last and we're OK with that.
  • Using higher consciousness! When we notice we have clarity, it's a great time in which we can make the choices that will serve us in times of lower consciousness.
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The wonderful things that cancer showed me about life... with Bart Loos

This week we're exploring questions of life, death, pain, suffering and reality with someone who has seen more about these things than most.

Bart Loos shares his incredibly inspiring story of recovering from cancer and how that has shown him some very interesting things about the link between the mind and body and what that means for our experience of life.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How we're all living within our own reality bubble - during the experience of being diagnosed, treated and recovering from cancer, Bart saw more and more clearly how that experience was being created by his own bubble of thought and the same was true for everyone around him.
  • What happens when give up control - the cancer forced Bart to give up the constant battle for control over life that he and most people are fighting. Once he let go of that battle, he noticed that his mind was filled with much less fearful thinking and that he could make decisions from a calmer, more settled down place.
  • We ALL have access to this place of calm and clarity - what Bart talks about is true for every human being, including you.
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