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How to stop searching for your sexy self!.. with David Andersson

This week I'm speaking to transformative coach and speaker David Andersson. David works with clients in a range of
situations from people in psychiatric wards to people who are feeling disillusioned with life or their relationship and want something more.

David and I are talking about how many people are looking for more connection, be confident, to be more attractive. They're searching for self-esteem, self-confidence, and actually just self.

So today we're exploring why that search for self isn't sexy... :)

What you'll learn in this show:

  • The search for confidence and attractiveness makes complete sense when we don't see that they're not 'out there' or something we need to develop. This search is understandable and very innocent when we misunderstand this,
  • It can sometimes appear that we then need to go on a whole 'nother search inside. That can lead to techniques, affirmations and mantras - to somehow find or access a space. When really, the only thing that's between us and that space is the thought-created illusion that we're not already there.
  • So how do we settle down, open up and let our natural awesomeness flow out? There's no way or need to do this. It's all about understanding. It's simply that the more we understand how we're born to connect with others beautifully, the more the stuff that gets in the way of that connection falls away. 
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This week I'm speaking to the amazing Amir Karkouti! Amir suggested today that we talk about: F*CK THEORY: How The Principles helped my Marriage, Erectile Dysfunction and Patients Who Were On the Verge Of Suicide!

Amir is a Transformative Coach and the owner of a chain of restaurants in San Diego. Along with being a coach and a business owner, Amir also volunteers for people who are struggling with Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS).

So in this episode Amir shares his story about how he took a prescription drug (Finasteride) for prostrate cancer prevention and which completely messed up his complete endocrine system, resulting in all kinds of physical issues including erectile dysfunction.  According to doctors, Amir was supposed to be a depressed suicidal... they couldn't figure out how he could possibly be happy in spite of what the drug had done to his body. He shares that 'how' with us.

Oh and the story has a really happy ending too... you'll have to listen to the show to find out. :)

What you'll learn in this show:

  • Something is only a problem when we think it's a problem. Circumstances are neutral but will look like a problem when our thinking is making it a problem.
  • When we understand that circumstances don't create happiness or unhappiness we become open to the fact that gifts are available in any circumstance, even the hardest, strangest ones!
  • As we understand that we only ever experiencing a thought created reality, that understanding in itself creates different thinking and a different experience - Amir gave some really powerful examples of this fact.
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What success really is (and why meaning matters!)... with Peter Fallenius

 This week I'm speaking with Peter Fallenius. Peter is an elite coach, entrepreneur, innovator and creator of Genius is simple. 

Peter asserts people rarely even stop to think about what success really is and then really don't have the first clue how to go about getting it. So in today's show we're going to be talking about what success really is (and why meaning is critical).

What you'll learn in this show:

  • Realise what creates meaning (from Deci and Ryan's self-determination theory):

1. To Learn, and Create, if not for survival.... (Competence)

2. To make Choices for survival in a changing world... (Autonomy)

3. To Connect, for company, but also because ability to form teams is crucial in a changing world... (Relatedness)

  • Notice the same things that create meaning also put people in a brilliant position for success.
  • Decide if you are going to leave meaning to chance.
  • If meaning matters, then do more of what creates it, less of what undermines it.
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This week I'm speaking with Garret Kramer. Garret's the author of the books Stillpower and The Path of No Resistance and is the founder of Inner Sports which provides mental conditioning, consulting,
and crisis management services to hundreds of athletes, coaches, and business leaders. Garret's been featured lots of times on television and in papers like The NY Times and the Wall Street journal.

In this show we explore Garret's belief that deliberate mental techniques or strategies used to improve performance (or find peace of mind, happiness or any of those things) are ineffective.

What you'll learn in this show:

    • Why thinking yourself into flow just won't work. The more we try to fix, strategise or control our thinking - the more we get in the way of flow, happiness, and ease.
    • Why recognising the way thoughts create feelings is the 'benchmark'. Understanding this connection is what opens the door to making performance effortless.
    • We all work the same way. We all get caught in the illusion of our feelings coming from outside circumstances from time to time. And we don't need to do anything to fix that. Awareness itself has a powerful effect - we see that we don't need to correct anything on the outside, our thinking will continue to flow and therefore feelings will change naturally.
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