The Primal Happiness Show

Transformative Coach Eirik is a delight to listen to, whether you're looking for more creativity, success and happiness in business or not.

He's one of those super-cool, wise-beyond-his-years, open-hearted people and he talks about some really useful ways of looking at life via the lens of the three principles so that everything becomes so much happier, easier and more enjoyable.

In theory we were focusing on business but somehow we touched on sex, cakes and all kinds of stuff! Here were my best bits (warning: I giggle a lot in this episode!):

  • Going beyond self-improvement - Trying to DO more and trying to THINK more doesn't help to make us any happier or more successful (and it's a tough job juggling everything to keep all of that in place) - simply recognising that all that doing and thinking doesn't work, can be a first step back towards seeing where happiness really exists.
  • If you're stressed and overwhelmed but you don't understand how to make a change - Make a choice... are you willing to look towards this new way of seeing life that we're describing? If you are and you keep exploring this direction and you're open to something changing for you then at some point it will.
  • Overcoming  the fear of failure - Eirik talked about how if we recognise there probably isn't an outside force judging us and recognise it's only our own thoughts creating an illusion of consequences, judgement and failure, we start to lower the stakes, reduce the pressure and feel able to play more freely.
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This week we're listening in on a business coaching session between transformative coach Piers Thurston and his new client Vicky. Vicky wants to create a successful coaching and personal development business and wants to be coached around her lack of confidence about making decisions.

I loved how Piers guided Vicky to see that she'd managed to overcome other perceived obstacles in other parts of her life, it happened naturally as soon as she stopped putting weight into her thoughts about them. The same can be true of any of our beliefs, fears and limitations.

This episode is a fabulous example of how an understanding of the three principles allows us to easily see how the principle of Thought is creating our reality and our perception of issues, regardless whether it's in business or anything else.

Vicky reaped such useful insights from this one session that she's asked to postpone the follow-up conversations to a later date so she can focus on her studies in the coming weeks.

"I really enjoyed my session with Piers as it was so useful to have someone make me see the two hurdles I was specifically finding with my new business are ultimately all part of the same thing, the made up story.  Something I am very aware of with some parts of my life but had never associated it with these other areas; this was very freeing and fun to play with and to trivialize the impact of them."

Sorry, I know it's a shame not to hear how Vicky's journey continue next week but we'll catch up with her again in future. We've got a fab show lined up for you next week with the transformative coach and all-round bit of awesome Eirik Grunde Olsen. Eirek and I are talking about business (and all sorts of other things!) on the show - I know you'll love him!

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Nicola Bird on business and happiness. A Happy Hour Conversation with Nicola Bird

If you’re looking for a way to create that Holy Grail of a successful business life with happiness, calm and simplicity then you’ll love hearing Nicola Bird’s take on how it’s possible!

These were my best bits:

  • Nicola talking about seeking happiness in an adrenaline-junkie-seeking-success way, and then having hit her seven-figure goal in her business and ticking every box that she thought would be her dream life… realising she still didn’t feel happy.
  • How Nicola has moved from being a control freak obsessed with goals, plans, process and programs to following her intuition and natural wisdom as to what to do next next in her business. This is bringing her so much joy and has transformed the way Nicola works with her team.
  • When Nicola sees that her wellbeing has nothing to do with her success in business,  she sees her business as a game and she can play full-out and fearless. “Game on”!
  • The internet marketing blueprints, formulas, how-tos and seven-step plans are created in all innocence based on people’s thoughts on what they think created their success. Nicola has realised that once we understand the three principles, our personal thinking settles down, we’re more able to hear our own wisdom and insights – and that’s the “gold dust”!
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Debt coaching 3 of 3. A Fly on The Wall Coaching Session with Viv Barclay

The final and truly transformative session between coach and money expert Viv Barclay and her client Emma around Emma’s debt issues and how she can find happiness.

What a brilliant episode this was – a must-listen for anyone with any kind of addictive thinking. These were my favourite parts:

  •  All thoughts are lies
    Our thoughts only have the meaning that we give to them.
  • How our thoughts create our feelings and experience
    And it looks really real! Nothing has changed physically for Emma but she feels completely different! I loved the bit where she talks about realising how amazing she is!
  • Thoughts fall into two categories: insecure and secure
    If the feeling isn’t good then it’s pointing to the fact that our thoughts are insecure and are going to be less helpful to take seriously
  • All addictions are created by addictive thoughts
    An understanding of the three principles helps us to see this
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Julian Freeman on happiness and money. A Happy Hour Conversation with Julian Freeman

Speaking to author, coach and speaker Julian Freeman about the three principles, seeing through our thoughts and fears about money and returning to our default setting of happiness.

My favourite take-aways:

The hamster wheel of life

  • We can be so focused on working faster and harder to get 'somewhere' that we don't even realise we're on the hamster wheel.
  • The hamster wheel is not our true identity.
  • Life isn't about the money that we as individuals are busy creating on our hamster wheel. There's a flow of money and so we're always only playing with the casino's chips. It might feel like it's our money but it came from somewhere else and then will flow on somewhere - we're just holding it for the moment.

Just showing up as you

  • There's no blueprint or technique to make money work for everyone - the power is in who we are as individuals.
  • How we are is what we attract to us.
  • We just have to show up as ourselves to get off the hamster wheel and to see the abundance of opportunities, money and experiences.

How we're like our Phones

  • We have a default setting - we mess with the settings, we try to improve ourselves. One button can take the phone back to default and likewise one realisation can take us back to our default setting - our true self.
  • Our auto-pilot takes care of things better than when we're trying to control things.
  • We have have an inbuilt, self-righting mechanism. We all have a super-power of resilience!
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