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I'm speaking to Rich Habets, a highly successful executive coach and business consultant.

What you missed last week:

It was an unmissable Fly On The Wall Coaching Session between transformative coach Piers Thurston and his new client, Rachel. Rachel wants relief from her noisy, worry and anxiety-filled mind. She’s tried everything, including self-help, meditation and counselling in the past. Listen to discover what Rachel found out about where all her worries were coming from.

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And on this week's show...

He says that he used to be in business for all the wrong reasons. He was focused only on money and success and he was manipulative and he gossiped, just to get the business. And he ended up burning out.

Today he does the same work, consulting and coaching (and he's successful and makes money) but he does it for the right reasons, he does it from a place of service. And he's in a much happier place!

So today we're talking about 'conscious' business - or how to make money and be successful, consciously.

What you'll learn from the show:

  • The real difference between 'How to' vs 'Want to', and why this is vital to understand if you want to be successful.
  • Why some of your 'Want to's might not be a real Want to but just doing it, testing and learning is a great way to see that for yourself - Rich gave a great example of the surprising outcome when he gave a TedX talk.
  • The power of persistence - which is a natural outcome of your service-focused 'Want to's.


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What you missed last week:
It was a wonderful conversation with Molly Gordon about why a scary diagnosis doesn't have to be a scary diagnosis. If you missed that then you missed out so subscribe to the show and catch up with that episode after this show!

And on this week's show... I'm speaking to Reed Smith.Reed is the cofounder of Gulf Breeze Recovery, a non-12 step recovery center that uses the 3 Principles as the core of their program. He serves as the Director of Admissions and class facilitator.

Today we're going to be talking about the myth of complexity of recovery: why it doesn't have to be a life-long struggle and why addiction is not a disease... and why we ALL have access to mental health.

What you'll learn in this show:

  • Reed used a metaphor (and actual prop - see pic below!) of a mirror to demonstrate how we can have a denial of the 'isness' of the situation which is like trying to remove a blemish from our face by wiping a mirror. When we accept or allow the reality that's unfolding - that what we see is only a reflection of what's going on in our thoughts - we recognise that it makes no sense to look to try to fix or change the outside world to remedy how we're feeling.
    1-Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.49.03
  • And in another of Reed's fabulous metaphors is around consciousness, and he used a flashlight to explain this (LOVE these props, I might start insisting all guests bring one!)The light is Consciousness, that which makes us aware of what's happening. When the flashlight is pointing above our heads at our thoughts, it's illuminating only our thoughts, which is what we're experiencing moment to moment, even though we're unaware that it's what's actually happening. When we have wonderful moments of connection with others or nature, it's like the flashlight that was only illuminating our thinking, moves to shine out to illuminate the world, and then our personal thinking grows dim and we become more aware of our connection to something bigger and greater than us.
    1-Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.54.17
  • Reed's faves... The person that's most inspired Reed is also the author of the book that's most changed Reed, and it's James Allen, the author of 'As a man thinketh'.


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Why a scary diagnosis doesn't need to be scary... with Molly Gordon

So what happened on last week's show? It was a much-talked about show the wonderful Barb Patterson about true self versus self image. we got into an interesting conversation about personality tests and profiles. If you missed that then you missed out so subscribe to the show and catch up with that episode after this show!

And this week I'm talking to the magnificent Molly Gordon has been searching for the meaning of life for as long as she can remember.

Molly's been a professional coach for a couple of decades and has trained and practised in many disciplines including Byron Katie's The Work and Jungian psychology, She now coaches from a three principles understanding.

This summer, Molly was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy followed by radiation therapy. She is passionate about sharing with others how even modest insights into the Three Principles have enabled her to find grace and freedom in the midst of what many find to be a scary diagnosis.

 So today we're going to be talking about why a scary diagnosis doesn't have to be a scary diagnosis.

What you'll learn in this show:

  • However scary things feel, we're always sitting safely in the 'cinema seat' and simply watching the scary movie of our thoughts. I love Molly's description of that!
  • We will all be living this life, moment to moment, doing something until we die. We will all die of something. Does it matter what it is?  Isn't life really about how we live?
  • We don't have the ability to flick through a book of perspectives and pick the one that looks best... but every human being has the innate ability to have a perspective change. Our consciousness rises and then we will notice that more perspectives available to us.
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How to be your true self... with Barb Patterson

So what happened on last week's show? It was a goodie... it was with Don Deacy and it's was about the desire to feel better versus trusting that we already are OK. And seriously, subscribe to the show now and then you won't miss out again!

And this week I'm talking to the amazing Barb Patterson! Barb runs a coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of state of mind & performance to clients around the world.Barb has lived and worked in Europe and the US. She has over 20 years experience as both an internal executive and outside consultant for businesses, entrepreneurs, CEOs and top executives from all regions of the world. She also mentors other coaches and practitioners.

  Today we're going to be talking about true self vs the image of who we think we are:

Who could I be?

What could I do?

Could I do more?

How could I be better?

Am I living my life to my fullest potential?

What am I striving for anyway?

If you've asked yourself these questions then this is the show for you!

What you'll learn in this show:

  • We don't need to strive to be something because all we're doing is striving for an image of who we think we should be!
  • The made-up nature of our personalities means we're not our Myers Briggs types! All of that is just thought. Really we all have a freedom to think all kinds of things and therefore there's a wide open space of who we can be.
  • Who knows what true selves really are but what Barb has seen is that left alone, our true nature always appears and that means we always blossom.
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