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Yippeee! This week I speaking to expert on care and special needs, comedienne and all round super star Sarah Wood. Sarah has spoken and trained internationally on health care and social services professions - her passion is helping carers and professionals see past issues and limitations to the whole person and their unique potential.

Her son Adam has learning disabilities and has a full life of work and friends, he is a wonderful example of what's possible when we see a person for who they truly are.

I loved these points in particular:

  • When our heads are full of angry, stressful thoughts there's no room for the solutions
    It's so useful to know how easily answers come from a calm, settled down mind as it can help us let go of our agitated thoughts more quickly.
  • The relationship is everything
    When we prioritise our connection with someone, there's nothing that can't be overcome.
  • Listening in the way that the other person speaks
    Sarah talked about her son Adam drawing a picture which expressed that he'd like to have a friendship with a boy he'd lost contact with - that lead on to all kinds of wonderful outcomes for both families.
  • Start with yourself
    You can't give anything that you don't have yourself - you need to have self-worth to be able to share that with someone else. Sarah suggests taking the first step onto the path to rediscovering happiness and clarity yourself before you try to help the person that you're caring for.
  • You're doing the best job possible
    Even when life feels tough and you feel like you're failing, you're damn amazing - there's no-one who could do better than you are.
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A gorgeous conversation about another way to have a happy Christmas! Jacquie Forde is a social entrepreneur, coach, business woman, mum to three gorgeous tenacious daughters, wife and friend. She's a delight!

Here's my favourite parts:

  • Drop the differences!
    There's no right way to celebrate Christmas or to be - when we drop our judgemental thoughts of how others are different, the more we're open to enjoying everyone's unique, quirky, funny ways of being and the happier we are.
  • Nothing's personal
    Whether it's the present they've chosen, the food they've cooked, they way they're choosing spend their time or they way they're behaving - they're doing our best according to they're thoughts in that moment (just as you are!)
  • We can choose the illusions we keep
    When we see we're creating our reality through thought, we realise it's all an illusion. Some illusions serve us and others and some don't. What a gift it is when we see that we can let go of the illusions which are getting in the way of us connecting and enjoying other people!
  • The present of being present!
    When we're not getting tangled up in thoughts about stress, anxiety and all the things we wish were different, we can be really present to the happiness, joy and love that's in that moment. Is there any better gift we can give to ourselves and others?
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I'm delighted to share this fabulous conversation with Dr Amy Johnson! Amy's a coach and author, and she helps people to see that they're born happy and helps people to bounce back from all kinds of life events.

Today we're talking about getting through christmas (or any family get together) with humour and understanding. Amy is seriously wonderful!

Here were my best bits:

  • Dysfunctional family bingo!
    Amy talks about playing this game with someone else in the family who you're close to. You both create a bingo card of the things you're dreading happening - maybe that's your Grandma mentioning your weight, your dad drinking a few too many whiskeys and being inappropriate or your sister being a drama queen - and then when you're at your family event, you check off the situations on your card as they happen. I love how this simple game can allow us to see something more deeply - any relationship is only ever about our relationship to our thoughts about relationship.
  • Freeing ourselves from the 'blueprint' of how we think relationship should be
    The more acceptance we have for how a relationship is, we lose our grip on the blueprint of how we think the relationship should feel. That means we become open to all kinds of surprising ways that it could develop and change.
  • The fluidity of thought
    No relationship (or anything else in life) is fixed. All relationships will feel differently according to our thoughts in each moment. That's a useful thing to bear in mind as it allow us to see that everything can change.
  • Have a compassionate Christmas :)
    When we recognise that everyone is in a sea of thought, and we're all doing our best within that, it allows us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others. Even when things feel difficult, we'll know that everything's still working the same way for all of us and it's just that we're not able to see it too clearly in that moment.
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What a treat it was speaking to transformative coach Rasmus Carlsson about family relationships! Rasmus has such a great down to earth approach and a super-clear understanding of the role of the three principles in how we experience life. He shares such personal and detailed examples here that I defy anyone to listen and not hear something that's useful!

Here were my favourite points:

  • Other people's perspective on us are their business
    "What someone else thinks is never going to be up to me." The only thing that can make us unhappy is when we don't accept reality as it is - we think we can change the way someone else thinks about us.

  • Why do we try to control other people's thinking when we can't control our own?
    We don't choose our thoughts. Seeing that helps us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others because we see that no matter how bad a thought or a behaviour looks, it makes no sense to judge it when we see that no-one chose it.

  • Being compassionate doesn't mean being a doormat
    When we recognise that 'their stuff' isn't about us, it's about them, it means we have access to our natural happy, calm state in which we're going to be much more able to deal with a situation well. That doesn't mean being passive, it means not being reactive. It only takes one of us to calm down and listen, and the other people will often begin to calm down and listen too.

  • There are no 'should's
    There's no one way we should be in relationships or life in general. When we can more easily spot our insecure thinking about worrying about what others will think about us, the 'should's begin to lose their grip on us. When we let go of our 'should's we become open to all kinds of other opportunities and experiences.
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I loved this conversation with Sue Lachman about listening - I was mind-blown about how much there was to talk about on this one subject! Listen to this and learn the transformative power of really listening... such an easy way to happy relationships!

Here are my best bits:

  • Prioritise listening fully
    We tend to think we can multi-task far better than we actually can! Put everything down so you can properly connect to the other person, listen fully and really feel what's behind their words.
  • Listening is about the other person's experience
    If someone's talking about something that's going on in their life and we notice we've taken ourself off into our own world of thinking about a similar event in our own life then we'll know that we've stopped listening to other person. Use that as a little nudge to bring yourself back to listening again.
  • We're all creating our own separate reality
    Even when we sharing an experience of the same event with others, each person will be creating their own experience of that event through their own thoughts. If we attach ourselves to own thoughts about the event we won't be so open to really hearing the other person's thoughts on it. Let go of the meaning you're giving to your version of events so you can hear theirs.
  • When we feel that the other person isn't treating us fairly
    When we feel that we're not being heard in a relationship, we can become defensive and shut down from even wanting to listen to the other person. If we're feeling in a low mood and feeling very disconnected to the other person, it's probably NOT the best time to have a conversation. If we wait until we're feeling lighter and more connected, not only are we are more likely to be able to fully hear what's going on for them, we'll be calm and clear which means that others are going to be more able to open up and listen to us too.
  • Nothing stays the same
    Without us doing a thing, thoughts change and therefore feelings change and therefore relationships change. This one isn't about listening but I thought it was a gorgeous point anyway!
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In this final episode about dating I’m talking to coach and trainer Peter Fallenius about the myths of seduction.  Peter has an unusual take on seduction. He was dumped from a long term relationship and as he launched into the world of dating again he realised that all his old ideas about what works in dating and seduction was flawed. He spent time observing and researching what really makes people tick and he realised that the standard take on seduction is kinda messed up.

We covered rather a lot of ground! Here are the key points:

  • Replace ‘dating’ with ‘meeting’
    Peter spoke about meeting people without the expectations of certain things needing to happen in order to make it a ‘successful’ date. He approached his meetings with an open-ness about simply whether he could enjoy the time with the other person.
  • All relationships are day-to-day, moment-to-moment
    Approaching relationships with a fresh mind, without making promises (even to ourselves) that we can’t keep
  • The illusion of needing to seduce
    Seduction and ‘pick-up’ techniques are based on manipulation and deception and ultimately leads to more disconnection. They’re also based on a misconception that people need to be manipulated into wanting connection. People want to be seduced – and will be open the moment you offer them the genuine possibility of connection, opportunities and understanding.
  • Let’s talk about sex (eek!)
    Peter’s experiences from talking to lots of people about sex has shown him how our beliefs about sex underpin so much of what we think and do in all areas of our lives. If we can be open to seeing something new about our thoughts about sex then we may well discover things that will help us make sense of why we have the thoughts that we do about all kinds of other things. The book Peter mentioned is My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.
  • Opportunities come from uncertainty
    Embrace uncertainty! Understand that great things often come from a place of not knowing what could happen.


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This is one of my fave episodes... I'm speaking to Sarah Abell about happiness in dating from a three principles perspective. Sarah's a speaker, author and coach. She was the Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and she's a regular columnist for Psychologies magazine. Sarah's given two TEDx talks on authentic connections.

I quizzed Sarah on all kinds of facets around being single, dating and the three principles. If you listen to just ONE podcast about dating I reckon you'd be pleased you made this the one. She is blooming fabulous, she has heaps of experience in this area, talks such sense and so easy to listen to and understand.

Here are my fave bits:

  • Sarah talked about how we only really connect with another person when we're showing up as our authentic self. If we have a whole load of thinking about how we should look and act to make the best impression then that's going to get in the way of that connection.
  • Needy is creepy... If we're looking for someone else to complete us or to make us happy then we'll be bringing that energy to our connection with another person - it's not likely to lead to an happy relationship.
  • Being a 'naked hedgehog' is when we let go of all our protective, defensive thoughts and open-heartedly allow others into our lives - which brings with it the risk of getting hurt, but is the only way we can truly be close to others.
  • Meeting a potential partner becomes easier when we're happy in our own skin, enjoying life and become more open to meeting and connecting with people as a 'naked hedgehog' in general.
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When we decided to focus on 'dating' this month I was delighted to get a chance to speak to coach and brand consultant Sandra Koenig about her amazing story of aiming to go from single to married in just eight weeks!

Sandra has an understanding of inborn happiness and the three principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness that we talk about here on Born Happy and decided to take on this marriage challenge when she took part in one of Michael Neill's 'Creating the Impossible' mastermind groups.

Sandra dated up a storm in those weeks and in this episode she shares the incredible experiences and the learning she took from it. If you're starting to dip a toe in the world of dating, you'll find Sandra's words so helpful. These were my best bits:

  • Sandra spoke about how she approached each date with a light heart and an open mind, and without a tonne of expectations about what would take place. That's such a wonderful way to approach anything in life as it helps to lowers the (perceived) stakes and allows us to see and create new opportunities.
  • Sandra has a great understanding of innate happiness and wellbeing which meant that she didn't take any of the 'bad dates' personally and was able to bring compassion and honesty to some pretty cringy moments!
  • Intuition and natural wisdom came up several times in our conversation - Sandra said she really listened to what her feelings were telling her rather than trying to over-think what she should do about each date. Sandra said let go of any concerns of what others might expect from you - whether that's sex on the first date or anything else - just be guided by what feels right for you.
  • Sandra talked about how helpful it is to recognise that any 'thought storms' she had about dates all blew over. Thoughts all flow past - no thinking is fixed and permanent.

You'll have to listen to find out whether her challenge was successful! :)


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I’m delighted to share this Happy Hour Conversation with Michael Neill on how we were all born with happiness as our default. Michael is an incredible world-renowned coach, a best-selling author and a Tedx speaker. He speaks about the three principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness in such a beautifully clear, entertaining and genuine way. Many people credit Michael (and his book The Inside-Out Revolution) with how they first discovered their inborn happiness.

Michael was on his usual fabulous form in this conversation. There were loads of cool parts but these were my faves:

  • There’s a ‘happy that’s the opposite of sad’ but there’s a different kind of happiness –  which is a space that can happiness exist, even when we’re having an experiencing of sadness. We can have all kinds of experiences but we can do it from a place of knowing that we still have that inborn happiness.
  • This work of speaking about the three principles is reminding not teaching – because we were all born happy, deep-down we all know this.  When we hear people talking about that place of happiness, even when our intellect is struggling to make sense of it, we can often feel a sense of recognition in our body.
  • When we’re struggling to see that we have inborn happiness – we often look for this in our minds, in our brain, even in our unhappiness – but it’s when we stop looking we catch a glimpse of what’s already there, inside us. When Michael talks of ‘staying the conversation’ he means stay where the conversation’s happening, keeping looking in this direction but stop searching for something specific – stay in the cupboard but stop looking for the peanut butter (you kinda have to listen to the episode for that to make sense)! 
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Transformative Coach Eirik is a delight to listen to, whether you're looking for more creativity, success and happiness in business or not.

He's one of those super-cool, wise-beyond-his-years, open-hearted people and he talks about some really useful ways of looking at life via the lens of the three principles so that everything becomes so much happier, easier and more enjoyable.

In theory we were focusing on business but somehow we touched on sex, cakes and all kinds of stuff! Here were my best bits (warning: I giggle a lot in this episode!):

  • Going beyond self-improvement - Trying to DO more and trying to THINK more doesn't help to make us any happier or more successful (and it's a tough job juggling everything to keep all of that in place) - simply recognising that all that doing and thinking doesn't work, can be a first step back towards seeing where happiness really exists.
  • If you're stressed and overwhelmed but you don't understand how to make a change - Make a choice... are you willing to look towards this new way of seeing life that we're describing? If you are and you keep exploring this direction and you're open to something changing for you then at some point it will.
  • Overcoming  the fear of failure - Eirik talked about how if we recognise there probably isn't an outside force judging us and recognise it's only our own thoughts creating an illusion of consequences, judgement and failure, we start to lower the stakes, reduce the pressure and feel able to play more freely.
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This week we're listening in on a business coaching session between transformative coach Piers Thurston and his new client Vicky. Vicky wants to create a successful coaching and personal development business and wants to be coached around her lack of confidence about making decisions.

I loved how Piers guided Vicky to see that she'd managed to overcome other perceived obstacles in other parts of her life, it happened naturally as soon as she stopped putting weight into her thoughts about them. The same can be true of any of our beliefs, fears and limitations.

This episode is a fabulous example of how an understanding of the three principles allows us to easily see how the principle of Thought is creating our reality and our perception of issues, regardless whether it's in business or anything else.

Vicky reaped such useful insights from this one session that she's asked to postpone the follow-up conversations to a later date so she can focus on her studies in the coming weeks.

"I really enjoyed my session with Piers as it was so useful to have someone make me see the two hurdles I was specifically finding with my new business are ultimately all part of the same thing, the made up story.  Something I am very aware of with some parts of my life but had never associated it with these other areas; this was very freeing and fun to play with and to trivialize the impact of them."

Sorry, I know it's a shame not to hear how Vicky's journey continue next week but we'll catch up with her again in future. We've got a fab show lined up for you next week with the transformative coach and all-round bit of awesome Eirik Grunde Olsen. Eirek and I are talking about business (and all sorts of other things!) on the show - I know you'll love him!

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Nicola Bird on business and happiness. A Happy Hour Conversation with Nicola Bird

If you’re looking for a way to create that Holy Grail of a successful business life with happiness, calm and simplicity then you’ll love hearing Nicola Bird’s take on how it’s possible!

These were my best bits:

  • Nicola talking about seeking happiness in an adrenaline-junkie-seeking-success way, and then having hit her seven-figure goal in her business and ticking every box that she thought would be her dream life… realising she still didn’t feel happy.
  • How Nicola has moved from being a control freak obsessed with goals, plans, process and programs to following her intuition and natural wisdom as to what to do next next in her business. This is bringing her so much joy and has transformed the way Nicola works with her team.
  • When Nicola sees that her wellbeing has nothing to do with her success in business,  she sees her business as a game and she can play full-out and fearless. “Game on”!
  • The internet marketing blueprints, formulas, how-tos and seven-step plans are created in all innocence based on people’s thoughts on what they think created their success. Nicola has realised that once we understand the three principles, our personal thinking settles down, we’re more able to hear our own wisdom and insights – and that’s the “gold dust”!
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Debt coaching 3 of 3. A Fly on The Wall Coaching Session with Viv Barclay

The final and truly transformative session between coach and money expert Viv Barclay and her client Emma around Emma’s debt issues and how she can find happiness.

What a brilliant episode this was – a must-listen for anyone with any kind of addictive thinking. These were my favourite parts:

  •  All thoughts are lies
    Our thoughts only have the meaning that we give to them.
  • How our thoughts create our feelings and experience
    And it looks really real! Nothing has changed physically for Emma but she feels completely different! I loved the bit where she talks about realising how amazing she is!
  • Thoughts fall into two categories: insecure and secure
    If the feeling isn’t good then it’s pointing to the fact that our thoughts are insecure and are going to be less helpful to take seriously
  • All addictions are created by addictive thoughts
    An understanding of the three principles helps us to see this
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Julian Freeman on happiness and money. A Happy Hour Conversation with Julian Freeman

Speaking to author, coach and speaker Julian Freeman about the three principles, seeing through our thoughts and fears about money and returning to our default setting of happiness.

My favourite take-aways:

The hamster wheel of life

  • We can be so focused on working faster and harder to get 'somewhere' that we don't even realise we're on the hamster wheel.
  • The hamster wheel is not our true identity.
  • Life isn't about the money that we as individuals are busy creating on our hamster wheel. There's a flow of money and so we're always only playing with the casino's chips. It might feel like it's our money but it came from somewhere else and then will flow on somewhere - we're just holding it for the moment.

Just showing up as you

  • There's no blueprint or technique to make money work for everyone - the power is in who we are as individuals.
  • How we are is what we attract to us.
  • We just have to show up as ourselves to get off the hamster wheel and to see the abundance of opportunities, money and experiences.

How we're like our Phones

  • We have a default setting - we mess with the settings, we try to improve ourselves. One button can take the phone back to default and likewise one realisation can take us back to our default setting - our true self.
  • Our auto-pilot takes care of things better than when we're trying to control things.
  • We have have an inbuilt, self-righting mechanism. We all have a super-power of resilience!
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Amy Hardison on happiness. A Happy Hour Conversation with Amy Hardison (wife of Ultimate Coach, Steve Hardison)

Amy Hardison is the wife of the acclaimed 'Ultimate Coach' Steve Hardison. Steve suggested we interview Amy for The Born Happy Show as she's the happiest person he knows.

It was fascinating speaking to Amy and to hear how natural happiness is for her. Amy spoke about:

  • Her parents both being very happy and her upbringing being full of happiness, love and self-esteem. Amy said feels that we don't need to be perfect to be amazing parents.
  • Navigating difficult times in life is easier when you recognise that you won't feel the same way forever - even by tomorrow you'll probably feel differently.
  • Happiness comes from having acceptance both for who we are and also what we aren't (accepting that others will be better at some things).

It's worth saying that we had a lot of issues with the phone line during the interview, getting cut off several times, but Amy was just so calm and wonderful throughout!

Lian xo

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Looking at those thoughts and fears around money and debt so we can realise Financial Freedom and happiness... we've got the Transformative Coach and Money Expert Viv Barclay coaching her client Emma in their second session, using the three principles understanding.

It's a golden episode and there were SO many great points. These were my top three:

  • Thought addictions
    When we don't understand that thoughts create feelings we can get addicted to certain thoughts thinking that they're causing the great feeling. We can also swap an addiction from one thought for another.Emma's BOOM! Insight was:  "Wow! you could totally switch shopping for being addicted to exercise."Even though it seems that exercising makes us feel good, the feelings aren't coming from the activity, they're still coming from inside: our thinking about the activity.


  • The Thought Train
    Viv talks about feeling like a Thought Train is carrying us along and we can't get off it.  The train feels so real because we're always feeling our thinking but really it's more like we're standing in a departure lounge looking up a choice of destinations. We can't choose which thoughts enter our heads but we can choose which ones we board.

  • Not feeling good enough
    We often push ourselves to fit an image, to achieve or to look more attractive because we don't feel good enough compared to others or own expectations for ourselves. We don't often stop to question the truth of thoughts about ourself.Viv mentioned on of my favourite metaphors - the one about diamond, horse crap and nail varnish. As we start to see the truth of our own inner perfection, we start to love ourselves unconditionally and that happiness, love and acceptance for ourselves just radiates out like sunshine onto the world.
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Debt coaching 1 of 3. A Fly on The Wall Coaching Session with Viv Barclay

Looking at those thoughts and fears around money and debt so we can realise Financial Freedom... we've got the Transformative Coach and Money Expert Viv Barclay coaching a brand new client, Emma using the three principles understanding.

Emma bears her soul in this session and I could identify with so much of what she was saying. I imagine you will too as I think most of us have felt the way that she's felt, even if the visible expression of it isn't issues around money.

Viv was incredibly insightful! In particular, I loved these three key points she made.

  • Our thought of not being 'enough' and that other people are better than us in some way is often the root of us getting into debt. Seeing that all we're doing is engaging in the specific CONTENT of thinking brings acceptance for how we are, just as we are.
  • The more we resist how we're feeling, the more the state persists. Rather than wrestling and trying to change how we feel rather we can welcome the feelings in. We can allow ourselves to get drenched in the feeling like we're walking in the rain. The feelings will dissipate all by themselves.
  • Notice how much the outside world, the media and adverts are tapping into our deepest emotions, and especially fear. Making it easy for us to spend money 'buy now, pay later'. Telling us that we need 'stuff' to be happy, whole and valuable.

I also loved Emma talking about being able to see the humour in some of her thoughts, such as 'surfer girl' thought and how seeing the funny side of our thoughts, in itself makes life feels happier, lighter and less serious.

We'll catch up with Emma and Viv again on next Thursday's show!

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The third and final coaching session between Elaine Hilides, an expert on weight loss and the author of No.1 ranked Amazon Kindle book ‘Mindfulness: The No-Diet Diet Book’ and her client Amy.

Elaine’s approach is a revolutionary step away from the usual world of diets and self-denial and it’s very, very effective – she’s helped hundreds of people to lose weight and go on to live healthier, happier lives, through sharing the three principles. In this episode, Elaine explains:

  • Although it was clear that Amy had made many positive changes, Amy had not seen them herself. Change sneaks up on us because we quickly take for granted our new habits of thought.
  • There’s no such thing as failure and sabotage. We’re only ever testing ourselves against our own made-up thoughts.
  • There’s no end state or conclusion to weight loss, or indeed, anything else in  happiness or life! Every day is a new one and every day we will have fresh thought and will feel differently.
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Weight loss (2/3), A Fly On The Wall Coaching Session with Elaine Hilides.

Show notes:

This is the second coaching session between Elaine Hilides, an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and the author of No.1 ranked Amazon Kindle book ‘Mindfulness: The No-Diet Diet Book’ and her new client Amy.

Elaine’s approach is a revolutionary step away from the usual world of diets and self-denial and it’s very, very effective – she’s helped hundreds of people to lose weight and go on to live healthier, happier lives through sharing the three principles. In this episode, Elaine explains:

  • Seeing through the ‘I can never eat that again’ thought allows us makes choices about what we really want to eat
  • How our bodies tell us when we’re full – it’s when the taste declines (is it just me who completely misses that signal?!)
  • That we’re all perfect and happy :) and how we can let go of the negative self-talk as we see it’s just thought

We’ll be catching up with Elaine and Amy in a month’s time to see how Amy’s getting on.

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Weight Loss (1/3). A Fly On The Wall Coaching Session with Elaine Hilides

Elaine Hilides, an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and author of No.1 ranked Amazon Kindle book 'Mindfulness: The No-Diet Diet Book', coaches a new client Amy around the thoughts that are creating her eating and weight issues. This is the first of three sessions, all of which will be released as Podcast episodes over the coming weeks.

Elaine's approach is a revolutionary step away from the usual world of diets and self-denial and it's very, very effective - she's helped hundreds of people to lose weight and go on to live healthier, happier lives.

Being a fly on the wall to this coaching session, was mind-blowing even to me, coming to it as a coach with an understanding of the same three principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness that Elaine shares with her clients.

In this episode, Elaine explains:

  • How we often eat to create feelings that recapture memories or pleasant associations with certain types of food
  • The benefits of eating 'mindfully', i.e. checking in with your thoughts and feelings before you reach into the fridge
  • How we can move from that typical dieting mindset of deprivation and willpower, to a sense of happiness, freedom and choice

Above all, Elaine is all about people enjoying the food they eat and their lives as a whole. As Elaine says "Using the Mind-Fullness approach, you will have the body you want easily and effortlessly and much sooner than you thought possible.  This approach will change the way you think about food and your weight."

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Timber Hawkeye of Buddhist Boot Camp on happiness. A Happy Hour Conversation with Timber Hawkeye.

Lian Brook-Tyler interviews Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp and founder of the hugely popular movement of the same name, about inborn happiness, Buddhism and how it compares to the three principles. 

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Dave Booda, a coach, teacher and musician and Lian Brook-Tyler talk about all things related to the  three principles of inborn happiness - including amazing relationships, creativity and the search for a meaningful life.

It's a tad rock 'n' roll in places with bits that you won't want little ears to hear - I recommend you watch this after their bedtime or wear earphones!


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Jamie Smart on happiness. A Happy Hour conversation.

Jamie Smart and Lian Brook-Tyler talk about the three principles behind our inborn happiness and clarity.

Jamie is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach and consultant. He shows individuals and organisations the unexpected keys to clarity; the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results.

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