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This week's show is with Denise Holland. Denise is the founder of the business Class Performance – Excellence Within, based in the UK, which primarily upon inception focused on the field of high performance sport, an area she has been involved with, as a national athlete and coach for over 20 years.

Denise is a superb example of how the Three Principles, the new spiritual and psychological paradigm which was uncovered by the late Sydney Banks, can transform a person’s life. She has been so touched by the transformation in her own life that she is now dedicating her life’s work to help people.

In this show we talk about the parallels Denise has seen between great performance in sport and rocking it in other areas of life, whether that's business, parenting, relationships or anything else!

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What you'll learn from this episode

  • Instead of focusing on behaviours, either our own or others around us, look at the nature of thought and how that brings about a feeling and therefore a behaviour.
  • Agreeing team values, house rules or company policies doesn't work well unless we understand what's really going on with our human experience, that people can only ever act according to their thoughts in the moment.
  • When we see how made-up our struggle is, we can stop trying so hard and we can drop into the effortless state of being present and playing the game of life.
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This week's show is with Adil Amarsi, known by many as the mad scientist of advertising is a copywriting, persuasion, and influence genius. Adil Amarsi is a serial entrepreneur who's been working at his craft since he was 12.

Having grown up in a harsh home environment, dealing with bullying, bipolar depression, ADD, and dyslexia - this lead a young Adil to attempt to take his life 6 times before understanding that he was never truly happy.

Once he started studying how to be happy, he began smiling and in this podcast we're going to cover his gift, the promise he made himself at the age of 11, and what influences him today and HOW you can begin to feel happier, even in bad situations.

It's incredibly inspiring to hear the level of change that is possible for all of us - no matter what's happened in our past or what we're battling with.

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This week's show is with Damian Mark Smyth is an award winning business coach, author, TEDx and keynote speaker. He works with Entrepreneurs with their mindset to give them more clarity, resilience and the ability to perform at their peak. His highly acclaimed and best-selling book: Do Nothing! points towards an understanding of the human dimension.

His latest book: The Entrepreneur Success Formula takes any current or would-be business owner through the elements required to succeed in business and the one key element required that separates the super-successful from the also-rans.

In this week's show we talk about that one difference between the entrepreneurs who succeed and the ones who don't.

What you'll learn in this show:

  • There isn't a magic foolproof system that entrepreneurs can use that works for everyone, every time. The difference between successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is simply their thinking.
  • Great decisions and good ideas come from 'universal intelligence', which is built in as standard. All of us will have times where we feel this most clearly - whether it's getting a great idea in the shower or dropping into a calm, clear space when we go for a walk but actually this universal intelligence is always available to every one of us. We are built for success!
  • Damian shared how he found huge benefit from understanding how the three principles work. He recovered from his breakdown and OCD when he saw the role of his thinking in creating his experience of life, including his OCD. Damian's found that when entrepreneurs discover the three principles, that creates big changes such as less stress, better ideas, great working relationships and a clearer state of mind. This is because when we understand a system, we have more access to its capabilities.
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