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This week's show is with Isis Leeor. Isis is responsible for a movement of whole, ripe, and unapologetic women who are finally coming out of the closet. For 15 years, she has been passionately teaching people (women and men) how to connect both hearts, the one in their chest and the one in their pelvis.

Isis has been featured in a myriad newspapers and radio shows alongside people like Storm Large, Dan Savage, Deborah Anapol and Sark. She is a counselor with an extensive background in Body Psychotherapy, Tantra, Hypnotherapy. Basically she does some kick ass embodied work online and in person, through workshops, intensives and private sessions. She is currently working on her book entitled “Feral Female.”

In addition to a lot of official studies, Isis has also howled at the moon, been saved by Qi-gong, taken drugs with a therapist, smoked a peace pipe, flipped off a Shaman, learned and unlearned emotionally responsible language, danced with her shirt off in public, avoided marrying an Essene guru, and worn cocktail dresses all over the world while going commando.

In this conversation, Isis and I explored 'the idea of other women as home'. How our cultural and personal wounds get in the way of connecting deeply and openly with other women, how we compete instead of connect, and how we can heal and learn to be with other women in a way that allows us to see and enjoy each other's unique beauty and feel safe in that experience.

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This week's show is with Nathan Seaward. Nathan's self-discovery took him from pilot to coach and now teaches his clients to do the same.

Nathan enjoyed a successful 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach and host of The Nathan Seaward Show. He believes, through the process of self discovery and self mastery, entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families.

He supports entrepreneurs to create game changing businesses that help people and the planet in new and innovative ways.  From being a successful entrepreneur in the food industry, to leaving at the height of his piloting career to serve others, he’s always lived at the edge of his comfort zone, taking on new and challenging things in service of being his best self and serving the world.

Nathan and I had such a rich deep conversation about choosing into adventure and challenge as a way to fuel growth and specifically to be more authentic. We talked about the inevitable fear that shows up, how to understand it and determine where it's coming from. And lastly, how to discern intuition, head and heart.

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This week's show is with Dylan Newcomb. Founder of UZAZU, which began over 17 years ago as the personal quest of a professional dancer & musician who was determined to find ways he could use voice & movement to cultivate more positive thoughts, emotions and relationships in his life.

But this 'personal quest' was to lead him to something larger... Several government research-grants, hundreds of workshops, and thousands of 'participants' later, UZAZU has grown & evolved into one of the most practical and effective personal development & 'state shift' techniques within the rapidly growing field of Embodiment Practices.

In this episode, we spoke about the epidemic of stress, resentment, anxiety and loss of energy that we face in this modern world. We explored how the nervous system works (Dylan is a master at this!) and the role of embodiment in supporting it to relax, and the interplay between core beliefs and conditioning of our nervous system.

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This week's show is Lian's All The Everything where she jams on an eclectic mix of topics, including questions from listeners. It also airs weekly live on facebook. This is where you can get up close and personal with Lian, get inside her head and see what's she's up to and thinking about.

It also airs live on facebook on the first Friday of every month at 10am (UK time).

In this episode, I...

* Shared what I’ve been up to in the past month (what I’ve been consuming and creating)

* Dived deep into the topic: How to discover and set free your wildness

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