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This week's show is with Angela Mastwijk. After a short career in international banking, Angela became a stay-at-home mom, freelance translator, journalist-with-a-weekly-newspaper-column, private tutor and a spiritual seeker.

When her 14 year old son stopped eating and was diagnosed with anorexia, she decided to look for and speak to his innate health, refusing (most of the time at least) to buy into all the fearful thinking surrounding this label. She wrote a book about his swift recovery and their joint journey of uncovering their well-being and clarity.

Later on, stumbling across the Three Principles, Angela gained a deeper understanding of the workings of the human experience, which profoundly changed the nature of the conversations she now has with adolescents struggling with eating disorders, their parents and other people seeking guidance via the ShiftAcademy, a company she co-founded with colleague Linda Spaanbroek to bring the inside out understanding to the Netherlands.

Angela has written four books; her latest (children’s) book is Inside Out Izzy, a story about a very ordinary, nine year old girl discovering the inside out nature of life.

In this show we talked about Angela's experience of her own son's recovery and of how she helps parents and their children who are struggling with eating disorders, anxiety and other challenges.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We can either look at a child's labels or we can look at their innate health which is always there... regardless of what appears to be going on on the surface.
  • When a child is struggling, we can either jump in our own boat of fear and start rowing desperately alongside them or we can be the lighthouse which beams love.
  • When we see a child as having its own inner strength, we give them the space to flourish in their own unique way, free of our expectations and judgements.
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This week's show is with John El-Mokadem, a Breakthrough Coach who helps people to overcome the challenges in their life, such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, relationship and business issues. John helps his clients to reach a level of insight to make a significant breakthrough to allow them to move forward and past whatever their particular challenge is.

In this show we explored creating from the unknown - both as a topic and literally on the show! We didn't plan what to talk about but we wound up talking about creativity, purpose, unconditional love and surrendering to what's happening!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • When we show just show up, open to the moment and how we can possibly help then all kinds of surprising and awesome stuff can happen!
  • We never know what's going to happen or how long things will take... but apparently we find ourselves doing what we're doing. We can ever only join the dots backward as Steve Jobs once said.
  • What about when we have got something on it? Maybe ask yourself... "Is there another way this could play out? Can I be open to life unfolding in another way?"


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This week's show is with Jason Goldberg, international Speaker, trainer, coach AND former rapper (he opened for the Wu-Tang Clan!Jason is very passionate about community involvement. He is the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for the PACE Center for Girls, Director of the Central Florida (Tony Robbins) Thanksgiving Basket Brigade which delivers Thanksgiving meals to over 600 families every year and serves on the advisory board for several local colleges including the nationally-ranked (#1 in Florida; #22 nationwide) Crummer Graduate School Leadership Advisory Board. He also happens to be one of my all time favourite guests on the show.

In this show we had a ball exploring the link between creativity and play, and how you can use Jason's 3Cs to bring more creativity back into your life.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Calmness: Looking at everything that’s going on for you right now, how can you slow down and allow yourself to settle down so you’re not so caught up in a spiral of thought where you’re taking it all so seriously? Calmness opens up the space for more consciousness...
  • Consciousness: What’s really going on in the situation? What else is it possible for you to be aware of? And the more conscious we are the more able we are to take the next step...
  • Courage: This could be the courageousness to say no to things that aren’t right for you, to speak your truth, to set boundaries… What would the most courage version of you do?


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This week's show is with Dave Booda, a writer, teacher and musician. He is the co-founder of IntimacyFest, an annual festival in Southern California that celebrates connection, sexual self-expression and community. He writes weekly at and his work has been featured on ABC, NBC, National Geographic, Elephant Journal, Good Men Project and Thought Catalog. He is the host of three podcasts, Dude Panel Radio, Darken the Page and Boodaism. 

In this show we spoke about one of Dave's real passions... intimacy. How can we be with each other deeply and experience this thing we all want?

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Playing the game 'What's between us?' allows us to see all of the stuff that's getting in the way of us feeling close to someone.
  • We often do things as a way to get intimacy but it's something that we can all have very naturally anyway.
  • Our beliefs about sex (both as a society and personally) are often the thing that most gets in the way of intimacy.
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