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This week's show is with John El-Mokadem, a Breakthrough Coach who helps people to overcome the challenges in their life, such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, relationship and business issues. John helps them to reach a level of insight to make a significant breakthrough to allow them to move forward and past whatever their particular challenge is.

In this show we explored John's recent work conducting a study around the effectiveness of using a fresh approach in treating chronic fatigue. We dived deep into how and why a deeper understanding of how the mind works can be effective in people recovering from chronic fatigue, leading to measurable improvements in health and wellbeing.

This is two part show, in this, part one, we focused mainly on John's own experience of chronic fatigue and his incredible recovery, and then next week in part two we'll go deep into the study and its results.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • John's own story of going from life-limiting chronic fatigue to recovering from it completely in a short period of time shows what's possible for everyone.
  • Living in a cultural norm of experiencing chronic stress means that we tend to misunderstand its negative effects on our bodies.
  • The more we try to take control and manage our health, the more we experience stress rather than allowing our natural resilience and wellbeing to surface.
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This week's show is with Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women. She's a passionate and deep-diving personal development facilitator. Her transformational work has impacted the lives of thousands of women across the globe.

Having taught in some of the largest organizations in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, UNSW, BHP Billiton, QBE and WNBN) she combines her common sense, down-to-earth approach with depth, wildness and raw power; which are the unique signatures of her ReWilding work. She facilitates at a depth where remarkable transformations, healings and openings in women's lives are a common occurrence.

Sabrina brings 10 years of teaching, facilitating, consulting and coaching experience into her work. She's studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.
In this show we spoke about Sabrina's understanding of conscious relationships, she gives an exclusive account of her own journey to having a relationship with a conscious man,  and there's also a special guest appearance of Medusa. ;)

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Women say they want a conscious man but Sabrina says that most women aren't ready for that man - they need to do the work required first.
  • Years of patriarchy mean that we've got some deeply held beliefs about men, their role and women's roles - this means that women are often held back from opening up to their full selves.
  • When women explore their deep primal essence and how it shows up (or doesn't) in their lives, they can clear out the 'rubble' that was blocking parts of themselves and instead allow all of themselves to be expressed.
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And this week's show is with Sarah Louisignau, an empowered sensuality & fertility coach. Sarah has over a decade experience helping women (and men!) reclaim healthy, happy sex lives, and discover deep wisdom, love, and trust through the process of decriminalising pleasure and sensuality. She’s had her own podcast, led workshops & retreats, coached individuals and groups, and created a complete program for women looking to reclaim sensuality & fertility.

Sarah's been around the block, searching for the best non-dogmatic methods and philosophies to empower women and men in their search for wellbeing.

In this show we explored why human health and wellbeing is all about fertility!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The cement blocks that get in the way of fertility: the taboos we have sensuality and sexuality
  • To feel more sensuality, sit in nature, feeling the environment on your skin: there's a thousand ways that the environment is interacting with you, such as feelings the hairs on your arm being moved by the breeze.
  • This conversation around fertility is also just as relevant for men and also anyone who isn't necessarily focused on having children. Fertility is ultimately about vibrancy and creative energy and is true for all of us at any age.
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this week's show is Kat Courtney, an Afterlife Coach. Kat first received the term "Afterlife Coach" after one of the many times she experienced death. She had been working as a Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Apprentice for a decade, and felt that her life's purpose was still a little. . . off. As she sat in her 999th or so Ayahuasca ceremony, it dawned on her that there are three things she love most in this world: Connection to soul, Ayahuasca, and death.

After the craziest of journeys with this medicine, she finally realized she was not meant to be an Ayahuasquera - she was meant to be the before and after guide. She also works with people in hospice. She adores shadow work. She's in love with death. Ayahuasca only made that a deeper calling and understanding. 

In this show, we explored what Kat calls the 'dark stuff' in our lives such as death, fear and suffering. We also got into what's 'soul' versus 'spirit' and the journey of our souls.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The difference between soul and spirit - spirit is all light and oneness whereas soul is our own individual snowflake of consciousness.
  • Why we have this 'dark stuff' in our lives - if there wasn't a sense of separation then there would be no motivation or curiosity to move forward and uncover the mystery of consciousness.
  • As we grow more in tune with our soul then we will be guided as to the lessons and experiences that are going to be most rewarding in this life.
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