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This week's show is with Huw Mackin. Huw Mackin is a British Shamanic practitioner, residential child practitioner, a highly qualified outdoor professional, international mountain leader, natural horse handler, bushcraft and survival expert, and above all else, a father.

Huw came from a long profession working with emotionally traumatised children and young people for local authorities and other institutions. Inspired by the shortcomings of these institutions, Huw created long term immersive wilderness based programs for local authorities focused on rehabilitating children deemed ‘unreachable’, with great success.

The progression of Huw’s professional career, along with his own personal healing journey, and the realisation that the problems facing humanity today stem from a lost connection with the natural world, inspired Huw to launch his company: Primal Healing, which offers a range of healings, expeditions, courses and programs designed to support people back into relationship with the natural world, one of which being ‘Wildlings school of Woodcraft & Wiccary’, the UK’s first animistic nature based school for children.

Taking inspiration from present day indigenous tribal cultures, folklore, mythology, this land’s history and our ancestral spiritual heritage, Huw created Wildlings School, offering children a greater understanding of how to maintain a direct and boundless relationship with this truly magical world through exploration and play.

Wildlings School of Woodcraft and Wiccary - where folklore is law, magic is real and everything is possible.

In this show, we spoke about... children and animism. We explored Huw's own challenges in childhood, including spending time in care, and the way his connection with nature was so important to him; his journey to this point of working with children and introducing them to Spirit via nature; and finally, Huw shared some practical ways, care givers can introduce children to this path.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • I loved what Huw said about how children are naturally immersed in a magical world and then as adults, we feel a deep yearning for it - guiding our children to create a relationship to nature as the tangible face of Spirit allows them to never grow out of magic.
  • Whilst nature connection via rewilding can be beneficial, what are we connecting to? Communing with nature as an intentional opening to Spirit is what allows all of us to reclaim the deeply connected way of living that is our heritage and birthright.
  • Be led by the child. Adopt a spot - in the garden or somewhere on local land, build a relationship with it, making offerings, and share stories about the myths of the land.

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This week's show is with Dr. Bruce Greyson. Dr. Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He was a co-founder and President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies.

Dr. Greyson has published more than a hundred scholarly articles about near-death experiences in peer-reviewed medical journals and three academic books. He has addressed more than a hundred national and international professional conferences.

His research for the past four decades has focused on near-death experiences and particularly their after-effects and implications. His book, After: A Doctor Explores What Near- Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond, is his first trade book bringing his scientific research to a popular audience.

In this conversation, Dr. Greyson and I explored what NDEs teach us about life. We talked about experiences people have, the research that shows what might be creating these experiences, and what happens to people afterwards. We explore why understanding NDE could benefit us all.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The evidence on NDE shows that what takes place can't solely be explained by a shutting down of the brain - as Bruce said, it's really a combination of that and something else that shows that consciousness isn't created in the brain
  • Bruce said that the thing he hears over and over from people who have had NDE is that they say they now understand why there's The Golden Rule in all religions: "Do unto others and you would have done unto you", it's because whatever we do to others, we do to ourselves because we're ultimately all one
  • We don't have to have a NDE personally in order to benefit from them, simply learning about NDE and what they suggest about our universe, can in itself bring a deeper sense of peace and security

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