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This week's show is with Jonathan Mead is an irreverent pioneer, champion for human wildness and professional instigator. He quit his job at age 23 after moonlighting on his own terms. Now in his early 30s and a full-time renegade, he’s passionate about helping men reawaken the giants sleeping within them. He’s found that by helping men reconnect with nature, they discover their own true nature and wild masculine strength.

His deepest mission is to instigate a worldwide movement of wild brotherhood, focusing on helping men uncage, one at a time.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • When we ask ourselves the simple question "What's natural for humans and for me?" we begin to uncover all kinds of amazing answers about life.
  • We're meant to move a lot more than we typically think we are. Doing an hour at the gym or going for a run doesn't come close to getting us to how we're designed to live. Think about children you know and how they're constantly moving around - that's how we're designed to be as adults too.
  • We all have the opportunity now to ask ourselves what's natural and then to create that environment for ourselves. How we move, eat, love, think and all sorts of things are typically out of whack for humans in today's modern world but we absolutely have the option to create environment that supports a more natural way for us to live. What’s the number one change you’ll make after listening to this show - I'd love to hear what you come up with.
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