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I’m here today with Lea Ann Mallett, a wild woman, activist and midlife momma who believes fiercely that we all have a wild place within us that feeds our magic. Her greatest desire is to make the world a better place by demonstrating to everyone that our everyday choices DO change the world. In her activism she has travelled from direct action wilderness activist to nonprofit leader, from sitting in an ancient cedar for three days to protest clear-cut logging to leading forest protests to creating thriving nonprofits. She now inspires mission-driven leaders to greater impact as a leadership coach, is creating a new vision for activism, and she creates photo-essays of life, love and connection in her blog “Becoming Undomesticated”.

In this show, Lea Ann and I explore the topic of death and grief... whether or not there is a 'right' way to grieve and how a clearer understanding of death can allow us to live more fulfilling, more present and happier lives.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The linear definition of grief (as outlined in 'The 5 stages of grief') can be limiting. When we see through this definition we're freer to experience grief in a less conditioned way, we are then open to find real growth, beauty, freedom and gratitude in loss and all in our own unique time too.

  • When we're able to see death and ageing as transformation rather than something scary or wrong, we're able to see the fleeting, changeable nature of life which inspires us to make the most of our time here, to live bigger and brighter. Take that trip around the world, tell people that you love them, dance barefoot around the garden or whatever it is that takes your fancy!

  • As we honour death - and in some cultures there's traditions that are dedicated to celebrating this - we are more able to accept and embrace it fully. Whilst your culture might not have a tradition like this, you have the choice to create your own philosophy about death. How could you and your family honour death rather than fear it?

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