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This week's show is with John El-Mokadem, a Breakthrough Coach who helps people to overcome the challenges in their life, such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, relationship and business issues. John helps them to reach a level of insight to make a significant breakthrough to allow them to move forward and past whatever their particular challenge is.

In this show we explored John's recent work conducting a study around the effectiveness of using a fresh approach in treating chronic fatigue. We dived deep into how and why a deeper understanding of how the mind works can be effective in people recovering from chronic fatigue, leading to measurable improvements in health and wellbeing.

This is two part show, in this, part one, we focused mainly on John's own experience of chronic fatigue and his incredible recovery, and then next week in part two we'll go deep into the study and its results.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • John's own story of going from life-limiting chronic fatigue to recovering from it completely in a short period of time shows what's possible for everyone.
  • Living in a cultural norm of experiencing chronic stress means that we tend to misunderstand its negative effects on our bodies.
  • The more we try to take control and manage our health, the more we experience stress rather than allowing our natural resilience and wellbeing to surface.
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