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This week's show is with Jess Heading. Jess is a Life and Leadership Coach who supports women to heal their relationship with their bodies, reconnect with their inner wisdom and unleash their radiant essence. Jess grew up hating her body and suffered from binge eating disorder and bulimia for fifteen years. Having reclaimed trust in her body’s wisdom and signals, and learned to partner with her body instead of controlling it, supporting other women on their journey to body acceptance and trust is now a key element of Jess’ coaching work. Jess sees again and again the immense transformation that occurs when a woman lives in deep partnership with her body: * She frees up SO MUCH time and energy * She sizzles with innate creativity, wisdom and femininity * She owns her Goddess power, fully and without apology * She creates amazing, much-needed change in the world In this show, Jess and I spoke about the way this rupture has created an increasing trend of turning to emotional comfort eating, the primal fear of there not being enough food (created by the sight of empty shelves), simultaneously there's this collective panic about what our bodies will look like at the end of this. These are all things that are present at any time, but just like with so many other things, this is being illuminated in these times. How do we maintain a good body image during this time? And how do we not shame ourselves for using food as a soother? This was such a loving, wise and helpful show - well worth listening to at any time but especially now.

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